Analogue Satellite TV Spares & Repairs
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We specialise in supplying Spares and Accessories by Mail Order!

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SatCure Satellite Products Catalog Click here to see satellite products catalog
SatCure Accessories Catalog Click here to see TV connectors, hardware, switching boxes
SatCure Satellite FAQs Click here to see ALL information about satellite problems and FAQs
SatCure Satellite "My receiver will not work" Read this first for receiver repairs

SatCure Satellite Technical Help Read the FAQs then, if you still have problems, click here!

SatCure Electronic Design Capacitors, Components, PCB design etc.

SatCure CB Radio Page Click here for CB Radio
SatCure Links Page Click here for WWW links

Amusing Satellite Repair Stories Click here for "Jack Armstrong" Satellite Workshop
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