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More satellite links

Updated September 17, 2002
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TopSat for Digital satellite TV systems & Accessories

Satellite UK for satellite systems (inc. Greek + Russian)


Astra-Tech satellite receivers, accessories & repairs

European Satellite Guide

Arrowe Co. Link Budget calculation software and other satellite stuff.

Sat-Nachrichten dienst und on-line shop fuer sat-empfang.
Satellite news service and on-line shop for satellite reception.

A list of Digital channels on all satellites

Christian Maas "Dr Dish" answers your questions

Nokia User Manuals to download

Paul Burgin's web site (Sky Digital, Dragon computers etc.)

All kinds of video tapes transferred to DVD, UK's lowest prices and top quality. Experienced engineer and a personal service. Most tapes just £10 for 2:30 hours or less in quantity.

Understanding Sky Digital TV

This FREE 40 page book is available for download in the form of a ".pdf" file which you can then read on screen or print out . Everything you need to know about Sky Digital.

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Understanding Sky Digital TV (about 405k file size)


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Who is my nearest repairer? (A list)
The D2Mac site
What Satellite TV on-line Magazine
Media Zoo (Eric Wiltshire)
BskyB Yes SKY's own site
Lots of information about DTV
Electronics repair information
Swift Publications John Breeds satellite books
Pace Americas
Canal Plus

Repairing Sky Digital Receivers

Not just a repair book! In fact not even a repair book!

Common problems and cures listed - many of which you can fix yourself with only the remote control handset or a soldering iron. Plus lots of general repair information including how to recognise various components.

Written in simple terms, this book also gives the home user valuable advice on how to prevent failure.
Read it NOW and save money in the future.
But, if the worst happens, read it anyway because it will still save you money.

Repairing Sky Digital Receivers (about 584k PDF file size) $10 = £7

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Graham Southall - VCR Repair tips
RSD Communications D2Mac etc.
BBC transmitter site listings etc.
SAT-ELITE Ltd in London (Strong & Palcom)
TELE-satellite (French) Magazine
TELE-satellite (English) Magazine
John McCormac *Hack Watch News*
Nigel Goodwin's Satellite Info!
Markus Jung's Satellite Info!
Amstrad Computer Home Page
Transworld Satellite for D2Mac/BSB (Whitby UK)
The Spy-TV conspiracy, BIB's alleged deals with content providers etc.
Digital Satellite TV page
Digital Satellite TV for expatriates
Digital Satellite TV for expats etc.

Interested in Music CDs?

Confidence Music Mail-Order

Worldwide mail-order for dance and pop music. Fast, friendly service.

All major credit cards accepted via secure order form.

Complete Little Britain Tribute Act for a great evening's entertainment

Greg Milligan
Kevin Minett
European Satellite
BBC Digital:
BBC Research & Development:
Humax Receiver programming:
Mark Hemming satellite engineering
Anyone hoping to buy or sell a secondhand Sky digibox may be interested in a new mailing list, details of which can be found on
Radio-TV-Satellite-links Add your site here:
Latest Satellite News:

This page calculates the date and time when the sun or the moon pass behind a satellite. At that time (for the moon twice a month) it is easy to check if obstacles cut the signal.

How do I calculate elevation etc. ? This page will do the calculation for you. First you must determine your Lattitude and Longitude.

Calculate copper wire sizes for coil winding etc.

USA Satellite TV

DBD FAQ pages

Plasma TV and LCD TV Solutions is your one stop shop for all of your Plasma TV and LCD TV Solutions. Customer Service is our #1 priority; as well as offering you the most competitive prices on the web

Electronics links from SatCure

CBC International - Web Site of the famous Lou Franklin!
CB Radio modifications and upgrades

The Sony Playstation site Mike Papadimitriou's Electronics site in English and Greek: useful circuits with full description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles, links and downloads.
ApogeeKits Home of high quality electronic kits - clock kits - digital clocks - animated bell LED displays - free download plans and more.

Highly recommended! Sci.Electronics.Repair group FAQ
Grove Farm Publications/Newark Video Services
Abacus Electrics - designers of specialised instruments
The SMD Cook Book
Tandy Product support
Camcorder Repairs
Circuit Exchange International
Repair briefs and hints/tips
Check Out the Everyday Practical Electronics Web Site! Magazine

Surface Mount Technology - Design Guidelines
by Martin T. Pickering B.Eng.
  • Why do multilayer ceramic capacitors crack or burst into flames?
  • What size/shape copper pads should I use?
  • How can I reduce the cost of solder by 60%?

These notes were written a few years ago but the points considered remain valid today. They don't contain hard and fast "rules" but attempt to make the designer think logically about his design. Of course, there are some contentious points, which are bound to raise comments such as "Why should I change. I've always done it in such-and-such a way?" My answer is "Why not? You won't know unless you try it!" I worked for fifteen years as a designer and I didn't simply pull these ideas out of a hat. Hopefully you will find them interesting and thought-provoking.

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Adam Stevens TV website at
Owen Pool's Crystal Sets
Electronics Projects
Teledyne Brown Engineering Instrumentation
Old Television collection/refurbishment
Vintage Radio Museum in England
Bull Electrical (surplus and kits)
Howard Electronics
Surplus Traders USA

Resistor Colour Code Chart

If you're looking for a particular chip manufacturer's web page, but can't seem to find it, drop by the Semiconductor Manufacturers' Web Pages Directory at

Buy and sell left over electronic components (German)

Don Lancaster's Synergetics "Guru's Lair" page
(Useful info but Don *refuses* to reply unless you are in the USA !! A really weird guy.)

Electronics tutorial for beginners

Easier to understand than anything you've read previously!

Martin has a knack of explaining technical subjects in simple language. Components covered include resistors, diodes, transistors and capacitors. This is NOT just another boring technical book full of mathematical equations. You'll like it!

by Martin T. Pickering B.Eng.

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Currency Exchange Rates Currency exchange table creator


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