Holiday in Cyprus December 2001

We booked a week's holiday through our local Travel Agent. It was arranged through "First Choice" and the flight was aith "AIR2000".

Although our Travel Agent assured us that extra legroom seats were unavailable, we phoned AIR2000 ourselves and they allocated us extra legroom seats for an additional £30 each (return). A confirmation letter was sent to us and we had to present this with out tickets and passports at check-in time.

We got our Travel Agent to book a hire car for us. I prefer an automatic and the car that we were given was a rather old Nissan Primera. However, it was perfectly serviceable. It was delivered to the hotel for us. It was not cheap and we didn't use it every day so I'll be tempted to hire one on the day if we go again.

The weather was forecast to be "mild" but we were wary because we'd heard of of tropical storm and flooding the previous week. When we arrived it was raining slightly and there were clear signs of flooding and of roofs and fences having been demolished by high winds.

However, the rest of the week was fine with temperatures around 24'C most of the time.

We stayed at The Roman Hotel, which is about 10 minutes walk from the sea front in Pafos. The hotel itself was very pleasant; the decorations comprise mostly mirrors and wall paintings - some of them quite rude! You can see the details of the hotel at this site:

Cyprus is different from mainland Greece in that everyone (mostly!) drives on the left, as in the UK. The state of the roads is typically Greek, with a lot of potholes and poorly repaired surfaces. However, some of the roads are quite good.

Pafos is very "touristy" near the sea front and we were pestered by "holiday touts" who wanted us to attend a discussion and sign up for a "free" holiday. We attended one just for a laugh but it wasn't even very amusing.

Almost everyone speaks English and there are so many non-Greek visitors that the common language to greet somebody is English (unless you are sure they are Greek).

If you want to get away from the "touristy" area you can head uphill to the old town. There's a market, lots of shops and coffee shops. English is spoken less here, which is nice if you want to practice your Greek but not a great problem if you don't.

There's several archeological sites to visit around Pafos. The mosaics and the Tombs of the Kings are worth a visit, if you are interested.

If you have a car, you can visit other parts of the island quite easily. We found a mini-golf course just outside Pafos and there are lots of other things to see and do.

Note that December is "low season" and quite cheap but you gamble with the weather. We were lucky.

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