Coach Trip to Germany December 2002

In December 2002 we took a coach trip with "Travelsphere". The coach collected us from outside Crewe railway station around 1am (it was at least 20 minutes late - not a good start!) We had slept all evening so didn't feel too bad. Travelled all day and reached our destination in the evening. The hotel was the Pohls Rheinhotel Adler in a little town called St Goarshausen on the bank of the River Rhine. The town is nicknamed "Loreleistadt" because it is close to the bend in the river where sailors were, according to legend, lured to their death by the siren "Lorelei".

Coach having entered the Eurotunnel train is now driving through the carriages towards the front. We sat in the coach throughout the journey (some people got out and stood). There was virtually no sense of movement as the train passed through the tunnel and after about 25 minutes we emerged from the train on the outskirts of Calais.


We spent two days travelling and two days actually visiting places in Germany!

Lorelei statue outside the "Hotel auf der Loreley".
(They spell it both ways).

View of the river bend from the Lorelei hill.

Der Weihnachstmarkt im Köln Zentrum.

Gill wondering where to begin in the Christmas market next to Cologne cathedral!

A stall full of trinkets and decorations

This stall is selling heart-shaped cakes and cookies.

Gill buys wood carvings at a stall in Köln old market while I sample the "Glühwein" (mulled wine).

Much of the centre of Cologne is paved for pedestrians.

Below are panoramic views of the river and riverside in the city of Köln (Cologne). I made these by joining several digital images together, using Apple Mac software called "Panorama Maker". It works automatically. All I have to do is to drag-and-drop images into its "window" and it merges them together! The same software was used to create the full picture of the cathedral, below. Of course, these images are highly compressed versions of the originals, which would have taken far too long to load into this web page. As you can see, the weather was sunny on this December afternoon (but very cold).

Köln cathedral is simply magnificent and huge. It was impossible for me to stand far enough back to take this photograph in one shot. So I took separate shots of the upper and lower structures and joined them together.

Look to the right of the white van and you can see a "spare" spire which is about four times the height of the van. This is exactly the same as the two spires which are on top of the cathedral - giving you some idea of how high and far away they really are!

The green objects are miniature train carriages in which passengers are driven around the city.

Gill takes some exercise during a brief stop in Belgium.

Gill having a drink at the Channel Tunnel café near Calais in France.

The music machines museum in Rudesheim which we visited before having lunch then going to the market.

One of the working exhibits. The museum tour guide spoke excellent English and was very amusing.

Pretty little restaurant in Rudesheim. Friendly service, good food and very reasonable prices.

Nativity scene in Rudesheim.

The Christmas market in Rudesheim.

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