Leon Married Karlee in Pafos Town Hall, Cyprus, july 2003 

Leon in the pool, looking forward to his stag night

Bridesmaids George, Kerren and Kristy at Pafos Town Hall.

Karlee arrives at the Town Hall and Paul (her father) leads her up the steps.

After the ceremony Leon and Karlee pose for photos.

Leon is carried by the girls.

Karlee is carried by the men.

The ladies pose for a photograph.

Leon, Kim and Collin in the pub afterwards.

Other pictures from the holiday

A seaside restaurant.

Ben and Kim hire scooters.

Not really Calvin Klein. The initials represent Cyprus "Kypros" (Greek for Cyprus).

One of my more relaxed moments, visiting ancient monuments.

(It takes one to know one).

That's me looking totally chilled out. In fact it was so hot I was resting my money bag, quite exhausted carrying all that loot around!

(I hadn't realised I was wearing a 60s "Beatles" T-shirt until someone with a good memory commented).

Sun setting behind the mosque near to our hotel.

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