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Satellite Repair and Installation FAQs from SatCure


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Satellite Installation FAQs

Satellite TV for Beginners fit your own system and avoid problems

How to install a dish system more about Installing satellite TV systems etc.

How to fit 'F' Connectors to cable. Switching multiple LNBs

What sort of LNB ? Work it out for yourself with a little help

How do I measure LNB voltage or check 22kHz output? not difficult

All about motorised dish positioners is your dish motor faulty? Test it like this.

SatWalker and Motorised set ups amateur experts explain

All about Scart leads! Connecting it all together

Connecting up Receiver+VCR+TV by John Breeds

Get Astra 1D programmes! ADX Channel Expander

Interference Problems I promise not to interfere while you read this

Problems with Sparklies! tell me about it

Which Receiver shall I buy? the one that fits

I want to buy/bought a D2Mac decoder. Please advise me

What is Circular Polarisation? spiralling out of control

What is 22kHz and DiSEqC ? you'll wish you hadn't asked

Lightning and Power Surge Problems - do you cry when you hear thunder?

All about UK mains plugs essential for UK citizens; amusing for foreigners

Satellite Receiver Repair FAQs

Repairs for Beginners it helps if you know your positive and negative ends

Make it reliable fit a RELKIT, keep it cool, fit a fan, don't water it!

My receiver Will Not Work! what to do

Why should I buy a kit from you? ha! Why indeed

Now that Sky DIGITAL is here, is my older receiver worth repairing?

All about Pace MSS kits Read this before buying a kit!

All about Pace PRD kits Read this before buying a kit!

All about Pace SS9xxx kits Read this before buying a kit!

All about Amstrad kits Read this before buying a kit!

Protecting components from Static Electricity Read this before fitting a kit!

Working on your Pace receiver Read this before fitting a kit!

Why won't my xxx D2Mac decoder work with my yyy receiver?

Who is my nearest repairer? (A list)

I can't get vertical/horizontal channels! join the club


What is Digital Satellite ? also see the Satellite Links page

Your Questions - a chance to be famous! everyone reads this

Satellite Magazines - why not subscribe?

How do I calculate elevation etc. ?

Installing Sky Digital TV

Companion book to the above "Understanding..". Essential reading if you want to move your old system to a new house, install a brand new Sky-Plus or standard system, fit a system to your house, motorhome, caravan or narrow boat or use it in Europe, this book answers your questions. What size dish, what sort of cable, connectors, which receiver is best for outside the UK ... 80 page book filled with colour photographs and easy-to-understand explanations.

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Satellite Secrets - Installing Analogue

All about Analogue satellite TV installations. Although Sky analogue broadcasts ceased in September 2001, there are still lots of programmes broadcast in analogue. This book answers your questions. What sort of dish, cable, connectors, receivers. How to install. Tricks of the trade. Money-saving advice. ... 112 page book filled with colour photographs and easy-to-understand explanations.

Satellite Secrets - Installing Analogue (about 950k PDF file size) US$10 = £7

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