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NOTE: This unit is obsolete. Accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.


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Pace Positioners MSP990, MSP991 FAQ

  • To set east limit stop:
  • Press the 'Mode' key followed by the '2' key to enter Limit Set Mode.
  • Move the dish to desired east limit position using 'East' key.
  • Press the 'Store' key.
  • The 'L1 Set' message on the unit front panel will confirm the setting.
  • To set the west limit stop:
  • Move the dish to desired west limit position using the 'West' key.
  • Press the 'Store' key.
  • The L2 Set' message on the unit front will confirm setting.
  • The unit will now proceed to clear any stored satellite positions.
  • The 'Norm' , 'Prog' and 'Limit' indicators will illuminate then extinguish after a short time with the unit returning to Normal Mode.
  • To prevent the clearing of positions, press the 'Mode' key immediately after the 'L2 Set' message to return to Normal Mode.

Above information kindly supplied by Joe McIntyre

A complete fault-finding guide called "The Satellite Repair Manual" is available.

This information is given in good faith, based on several years of workshop experience involving thousands of repairs. No responsibility will be accepted for any death, damage or injury caused either directly or indirectly by the use of this information. The reader should check the facts himself. It is assumed and stressed that the reader will be familiar with good, safe, electronic workshop practice and will be familiar with all tools, components and terms used. If there is any doubt about the reader's ability to carry out such work competently and safely, the work should be referred to a specialist engineer.

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