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Satellite Workshop 41

The phone rang. My "Caller Dismay" box showed the number to originate from a town about 20 miles away - outside my normal area. I answered it in a relatively good mood.
"Jack Armstrong, good morning". My ears were assaulted by the sound of a child screaming then a voice asked:
"Is that Jack Armstrong?"
"Yes, that's why I said "Jack Armstrong, good morning" (grinning).
"Ho, my daughter's making a noise. You know what you can do. Ho, you want to change your attitude, mate, if you want my business! Anyway, I need some advice before you come."
I replaced the telephone handset, gently. Funny how people always assume I'm so desperate for business that I'll accept verbal abuse, give free advice and do a free call out. The telephone rang again. This time the display showed "Withheld" so I ignored it. Attitude? Who, me? (grin)

Pace Apollo 120

Alf is a CB radio enthusiast. He spends his nights on top of Carlton Bank, broadcasting to the whole of North Yorkshire. That probably explains why he's always tired. The Pace Apollo that he brought me also looked tired.
"No pictures", he yawned as he handed the receiver to me.
"Hmm, get any sound?"
"Sorry, gimme a nine on that. You're a bit ten-one".
"I said do you hear any sound from it?"
"Ah, sound. Think so but the modge is a bit low, you know".

When I tested it, the power supply fired up but the 14 volt rail measured low. My oscilloscope showed massive ripple and a quick in-circuit check with my Genie showed that C73 ESR was far too high. Replacing C73 (1000uF/25v) effected a cure and no other fault was found.
Alf was impressed by the speed of repair but less impressed with the cost.
"Bloomin' heck. The "Rig Doctor" only charges a fiver for a complete tune up! Oh, well, here's your cash. Ten-ten good bud".