AE88 G88 GEO-UNIVERSAL Single LNB (obsolete)

  • Integrated elliptical LNB + antenna design
  • Simple 5-region fixed skew settings
  • Quick accurate LNB fit with new LNB saddle
  • Antenna size reduction technology
  • BSKYB approved

The Cambridge BSkyB digital elliptical ODU LNB is designed for domestic digital satellite installations, and is approved by BSKYB.
It comprises an integrated Elliptical antenna and matched Elliptical feedhorn, designed to minimise antenna size while maintaining high efficiency and reducing off-axis (adjacent satellite) interference, in accordance with SES (ASTRA) recommendations. Skew setting is simplified with the new saddle-clamp design, having 0, +/-4, +/-8 fixed skew settings and an initial offset 13.5 for ASTRA 2A in the UK.
The Cambridge BSkyB digital elliptical LNB is supplied as a completely environmentally sealed unit for long term outdoor use.

Technical Features

Model No.

AE 88


148 X 86 mm

External Feed Dia.

N/A mm


331g g

Output Connector

Single F-Type Female

Input Frequency 1

10.7 to 11.7 GHz

Input Frequency 2

11.7 to 12.75 GHz

Band selection RF1 to RF2

High Band by 22KHz

Output Frequency 1

950 to 1950 MHz

Output Frequency 2

1100 to 2150 MHz

Input VSWR

2.5:1 typ

Output VSWR

2.0:1 typ

Conversion gain

48dB min dB min

Gain Flatness

+/-0.5dB (positive gain slope) db over 26 MHz segment

Noise figure

0.9dB dB

Local Osc. RF1

9.75 GHz

Local Osc. RF2

10.6 GHz

Loc. Osc. stability setting

+/-2.0 MHz

Loc. Osc. stability temp.

+/-3.0 MHz (-30 to 60°C)

Phase Noise 1Khz

-50dBc dBc Hz @ 1KHz

Phase noise 10kHz

-75dBc dBc Hz @ 10KHz

Phase noise 100kHz

-95dBc dBc Hz @ 100KHz

Cross polar isolation

20dB db typ

3rd Order Intercept

+15dBm typ dBm

Current drawn

150 mA max ma



Supply voltage

11.5-14.0 v

Supply voltage

160-19.0 v

Digital LNB


Feedhorn Characteristics

Beam width

71° @ 11.7

Isotropic gain

13.8 dBidBi @ 11.7

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