NOTE: This unit is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.

Nokia ACU5152 Antenna Control Unit (Positioner)


Two capacitors in the PSU should be replaced every year for reliability. CP23 = 10uF/50v. CP07 = 22uF/50v.

If these capacitors fail, the Power Supply output voltages will increase. Normally DP11 = 40 volts, DP12 = 20 volts.

Internal view ofNokia ACU5152

If capacitors fail, voltages can go as high as 80 volts!

Replace them before it happens!

If the voltages go high, IA7805 (7805 regulator for 5 volts) and IA04 (L6203 motor control I.C.) can fail. You might see the LED flickering or you might smell smoke!

A complete fault-finding guide called "The Satellite Repair Manual V" is available.

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