Antologia por Shakira

Para amarte ...
necesito una razón.

Y es difícil creer que no exista una más que este amor.

Sobra tanto ...
dentro de este corazón.

Que a pesar de que dicen que los años son sabios todavia se siente el dolor.

Porque todo el tiempo que pasé junto a ti.

Dejo tejido su hilo dentro de mi.

Y aprendí a quitarle al tiempo los segundos tú mi hiciste ver el cielo aún más profundo.

Junto a ti creo que aumenté más de tres kilos con tus tantos dulces besos repartidos.

Dessarollaste mi sentido del olfato y fué por ti que aprendí a querer Los Gatos.

Despegaste del cemento mis zapatos para escapar los dos volando un rato.

Pero olvidaste una final instruccion porque aún no sé como vivir sin tu amor.

Y descubrí lo que significa una rosa.

Me enseñaste decir mentiras piadosas.

Para poder a verte a horas no adecuadas y a reemplazar palabras por miradas.

Y fué por ti que escribí más de cien canciones

Y hasta perdoné tus Equivocaciones.

Y conocí más de mil formas de besar

Y fué por ti que descrubí lo que es amar.

Lo que es amar...

Lo que es amar...

Lo que es amar...

Lo que es amar...

Lo que es amar...

Lo que es amar...

Anthology by Shakira

To love ...
you need a reason.

And it's hard to believe, that one does not exist, more than this love.

So much
overflows within this heart.

That in spite of the fact that they say that the years are wise, yet feel the pain.

Because all the time that I spend near to you.

I leave to weave its thread within me.

And learned to leave to the time the seconds you made me to see the sky even more deep.

Near to you I believe that it increases more than three kilos with your so many sweet rendered kisses.

Expand my sense of smell and it was for you that I learned to want Los Gatos.

You took off of the cement, my shoes to escape, both flying awhile.

But you forgot a final lesson because yet I don't know how to live without your love.

And discover what means a rose.

Teach me to say sympathetic lies.

For to be able to pour at unsuitable times and to replace cautious words by looks.

And it was for you that I wrote more than a hundred songs.

And until I forgave your mistakes.

And I knew more than a thousand forms of kissing.

And it was for you that I discovered what it is to love.

What it is to love.


Apologies for the rather rough translation. My Spanish is not fluent so I struggled with this by using various computer translation programs and a large dictionary. Some parts don't seem to make much sense but, as song lyrics often make no sense, I'm not sure if that's due to the nature of the song or my poor translation!

"Los Gatos" translates as "the cats" but, since that didn't fit very well in a love song, I've left it as the the actual place name (one in Mexico and one in California - take your pick).

I've left some of the translation as literal - because otherwise the "flavour" of the original Spanish is lost. Other parts I've changed the literal meaning somewhat to make it closer to what we'd say in English. I haven't attempted to recreate the rhyming endings of each phrase.

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