NOTE: This decoder is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.

Infra-red sensor kit for FilmNet BBD-900

The following components are supplied:

1 Infra-red sensor

1 100 SM resistor

1 100µf capacitor

1 Eprom version 3.04

Refer to the FilmNet User Manual (English version) for the service mode codes.

You will probably need the remote control handset to set VCO frequency.

The BBD900 will now have all the software features of the BBD-901

including the annoying message that says it needs to see a FilmNet broadcast!

You can use the remote control handset to stop this.

Keeps asking to be tuned to a Filmnet broadcast with a valid card

Set the 901 into the service mode (power off, press and hold the + and - buttons, power on, keep holding the buttons until service mode is seen at top of screen). Using the handset, enter
220 (EEPROM write mode) then 100 (address) then 000 (new setting).
Now enter 220 then 120 then 000.
Press standby to store.

You might have to enter the codes two or three times for it to work.

Picture drifts across screen or reluctant to lock and stay decoded:
VCO Adjustment. Enter service mode as above, key in 150 (PLL adjustment mode) use + and - buttons on handset to change value. Press menu to store.

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