Be Found

You want your web site to be found? The book contains a multitude of tips that I've picked up during the last five years of designing web sites. Most of these tips have never been mentioned previously, yet they are *extremely important* to the success of your web site!

The book is a compilation of notes that I wrote to help people who were new to web site design or who couldn't quite figure it out for themselves. (There's no shame in that. Heck, you can still see examples of bad page design on my own web sites where I haven't had the time or patience to correct them!)

I put my notes onto several web pages and they grew as time passed. Now I've decided to combine all those pages into a single booklet which can be downloaded and read at your leisure.

If you use my information you can create a HUGE increase in "traffic" (visitors) to your web site after only a few months - maybe even sooner.

Please note: This book is NOT free unless I've offered it to you as part of a package.

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The following section contains some of the original book text.

(invisible) spaces and code, without affecting the appearance of your .. and so on. Each page gives some information about the specific 300 key words and phrases but it probably won't get a high ranking on Be Found <-- read full review This application is a multipurpose tool Contents page to that page but you must have some form of link, Contents" immediately. You won't want a visible link from the Diversify The more pages your web site has, the greater your chance Easy: one at a time. You don't have to write them all at once; Header In case you are not familiar with the Meta name tags that I've picked up during the last five years of designing web sites for In my first "Be Found" article for WebProNews (above) I described In addition, common misspellings of the word can be added to the meta Likewise, never delete a web site if you can possibly avoid it. I NAME=GENERATOR CONTENT="Claris Home Page 3.0" News Groups Apart from e-mail signatures containing your web site Optional comment line, usually telling you what software created Order Specialist, age 49. Based in the UK, he sells electronic parts, Perhaps it's a private page or perhaps it is a page inside a frame Provide a report that tells you of ways to alter your page in order Ranking Start by searching for the things you offer on your own web Robots Page Almost all search engine robots look for a file entitled Sometimes you do NOT want the search engines to register a page. Pickering (This is for your own benefit and is not essential). Technical Stuff OK, I've covered the easy things so now we can look Television Accessories. Repeat this key phrase.. Television accessories. There are lots of key words that people might The first line is simply confirming the web site URL The second line The more the better You can have a single web page and fill it with They are not relevant to the search engines. It's a good idea to use Title Remote Control Handsets. Title: Satellite Decoders Title: Satellite Cable. Title: Satellite Dishes. (dishes.htm) Title: Satellite Receivers. Title: TV Distribution Amplifiers. Title: Television Aerials. (aerials.htm) etc. UK supplier of Gift Cards</H1> and that was sufficient, together URL, your friends should be encouraged to add it to their News Reader USENET News Groups. Most News Groups do not permit advertising but User-agent" tells the robots that it applies to *all* of them. (It You should create this text file for your web site since it makes it a file If a web page has been registered with a number of search a few key words repeated three times on each. That way, the relevance a high volume of hits, this is a way to achieve it. If you want more additional tips on the subject, so here are some more. Linking in As advert. It should encourage people to click on the link. In this all Hispanics and French Canadians are poor! Contents Page Link Every and by putting them in the body of the page as text which is a and never return. However, it's a good idea to include this.) <META annoying for the visitor. Some of your pages may be created *only* to any search engine because the actual "relevance" of each individual anything about Windows software (but I'm open to offers - anyone want anything else that's out of date). I make sure there's a "This page are effectively re-registering your own. The links can be made are also in the visible text area as well. One way to do this, while are also used in the body text of the same page and, especially, in around to ordering something else, maybe, sometime, if he/she can be as a book (I already give away one book for free). The book wouldn't at least half a dozen links to files which "no longer exist". If I at the top of the "found" list when the person searching is not able attract search engines. You may want the visitor to click on "Back to be a lot of crazy people out there! Every time I do a search I find because it's apparently not relevant to the page - even if it is because they had done just that. It's not a problem. Simply make a been a great fan of guest books but some people are delighted to get before uploading the page to your web site). <META name="description" believe me, and that's good advertising for the web site. Even if you bothered! With your URL in front of them, all they have to do is brain surgeons and company directors who normally employ a clerk to briefly at the more technical aspects. This involves the HTML code brochures and anything else that people see. I am continually amazed businesses, schools, scout troops - all within your own web site or but don't worry. You don't need to know anything about it. Just read but some take only the first few words and ignore the rest, so put button to your site. Most users won't notice it but the search can link you direct to an inner page without the frame page that case, you must instruct the search enginers to ignore the page, by case. If your index page is simply an introductory page with a "come certain files "invisible" to search engines. The contents of the file change it every November and add a Christmas message for their christmas cards". You may already know that the "Meta name" tags in click on it. Repeat business is the easiest to get so make it easier closely targeted hits, add pages which contain only information comments that you receive by e-mail. Ask permission of the writer and completely! One at a time How can you create *three hundred* pages? conforms to these "rules". You can optimise the pages further by consider it an ongoing project. One hundred words per page is contains the contents list! However, if the pages are within a frame, content. However, in my case, I decided that I wanted to consolidate content="You want your web site to be found? Here are some tips that contents list. However, it's better if every page contains really create a page for them within your site so they will *want* to put create web sites for others then you can add links from their sites decide that a page is no longer relevant, I remove links TO it but I did - even if you do most of the work for free - so you can increase different key words and have a link back to your index page. Pretty direct the reader to the order form for the book. Duplication If you directly into the Order Form!). What Software Can I Use? I don't know do their typing). Foreign words In Europe it is especially important does this for you but there are plenty of web sites offering a don't use the Guest Book method, you can still publish favourable don't make the text the smallest size (size 1) or the search engine duplicate some or all of your own web site pages onto each of them, duplicate stand-alone web site, but this might cause confusion with each page to its twin on your real web site. Guest Book I've never effect and some search engines will ignore more than 12 to 25 in any effective. Even if you are writing to an existing customer, he/she engine is likely to ignore it or consider it to be "spam". This engine shows in its listing when somebody has searched and found your engines to come back after a specified period. Some search engines engines will. Try this: Go to AltaVista and type into the search box engines, web site url, site url, search, site, engines, key, engine, engines, you'd be crazy to erase it, wouldn't you? Well, there must engines. Advertise in News Groups Many search engines monitor the example, if you are looking to buy a Christmas card, you might type explicit. Don't simply leave it as, for example, "befound.htm") <META find, particular;y if the web site uses a "phantom URL" or a redirect finished source code to ensure that everything is there: <HTML> follow all links to other pages and look at them, too.) <META for "Remote Control Handset" in German is "Fernbedienung". If you for a subject and finding a page with a brief mention of it. "This for User-agent: * found the answer at ". Having friends around the world. Hey, I think I just hit on a new business! give them some of my tips. Get friends and acquaintances with no web greetings cards by mail order you could use: greetings, cards, greetings cards, mail order, UK, birthdays, weddings, funerals, have a paragraph, with your name after it, that is visible to the have my own "personalised" URLs now but I still maintain my original have permanent access to other web sites as "web master" then you can headings between the <H1> tags. For a UK shop selling mainly headings and key words that have been used and compare them with your heavily on the number of links to it from other sites. If you already hide" them from view by putting them in the "alt" tag of the image high search engine ranking"> (The first few words are what a search http://www." part). You will then see a list of the reciprocal links ignored. (In my case, they are files used by the order form which ignored. The remaining lines give the names of files which should be image that matches the background colour. Use this pixel image as the important - some search engines rely on them. However, you should use impressed. Be sure to type relevant key words in both heading and in "Christmas card" or "greetings card" or similar. So your key word in as many places as possible. It represents FREE advertising. Put it include a "key word" that is not already in the body text of your increase the ranking of your site. For a list of some search engines, information about the web site and tells them which pages to ignore. information, contained in 30 separate web pages, in order to sell it inserts it as free advertising!) <HEAD> <TITLE>Tips for increasing inside comment tags, immediately after the page header, like this. inside" link and a picture then the search engine may not be instance they will see <You want your web site to be found? Here are invisible if need be. Use my method of creating a single pixel image invisible link to a "search engines" page can be employed. Create a is no longer updated" (or similar) notice and a "Return to Contents" is possible to be specific and instruct, say, Alta-vista to ignore it to be an obvious link that distracts the visitor from the main it will be an act of charity but every page must contain new and item or subject and repeats the key word or phrase a number of times. its subject, amounting to at least 100 words, otherwise a search keeping pages up to date. Sometimes it's better to redirect or link key words should be specific to the page. That is, you should not key word is low. Far better to have 300 web pages on your site, with key words to attract the search engines. Search engines page Another key words, ranking"> (Many search engines look for these key words key words, click "view source" or "view as html" in your browser then leave the page intact (apart from removing offers for sale, prices or line gives the name of an entire directory whose contents should be lines on a page. By doing this I was able to jumble up the sentences link. It doesn't matter if somebody clicks on it but you don't want link. This page continues to attract visitors to my web site, even (type the real name of your site but omit the links on their own sites. Point out that, by having a link to a site links to each. Put an invisible link to that page from your contents list would include "greetings, cards, christmas, greetings cards, look at this page: Never delete looks promising, but how do I find the home page or contents page of make sure you add the "_parent" tag to the "Contents Page" link, make it easy for you to do without ever having to look at the code. make the cell size tiny. Make sure that every page on your web site making them the same colour as the background - some search engines manually. However your software works, it's a good idea to check the may have mislaid your web site URL or may be thinking about getting method is also useful because some search engies ignore Meta name key misspellings" or "For the search engines". For example: "Sattelite, more attractive to search engines and gives you the chance to make my notes and all will be revealed. Key Words A key word or phrase is name="copyright" content="Martin T. Pickering"> <META name="publisher" content=SatCure> <META name="author" content="Martin name="revisit-after" content="60 days"> (If you change or update your name="robots" content="all"> (Tells the search engine robots to named "robots.txt" will be something like this: # /robots.txt file new page with the same file name and put it back. Some search engines newspaper or had anything published in your life and, suddenly, you no longer direct people to it! Luckily, I came across a shareware occasions (for example). Adding too many key words can "dilute" the of a high ranking for every possible key word or phrase that is of those particular key words is high for the specific page on which offering "Greetings+Cards+UK" the highest ranking site had NO key on your company stationery, your vehicles, free gifts, products, one set of files and HotBot to ignore another set. I won't explain only a heading and the words "click picture to enter", for example, a otherwise you could end up with a frame inside a frame - very otherwise the search engine is unlikely to find the page in the first own site. It's in your interest to help them get a high ranking so own. You might be surprised. I know I was. When I searched for a site page because some search engines will interpret it as "spamming" page should have a link back to the contents page. Imagine searching page that lists every search engine that you can find, with proper page. In fact, you could make the link visible if you wish. Many page. THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS ON YOUR PAGE. This is your pages from time to time you should include this request for search patch that enabled me to perform an alphabetical sort on all the percent smaller and, therefore, uploads/downloads more quickly. And photographs to make their web page personal. They could pay you to place. For these pages, it's usually best to have a single pixel potential sales in Germany, France, Spain.... For example, the word presence of your URL can make a big improvement to your ranking with previously unpublished ways to improve the search engine ranking of previously, once a page has been registered with a search engine it question with a suggestion like: " I had this problem, too, and I question! However, in my experience, such people are usually rich ranking with some search engines. Add it to your signature Whenever read full review This application simply makes a copy of each recheck pages periodically so it's a good idea to keep the same text reciever ..." Adding misspelt words like this can often put your page relevant to your business. Get outside help Encourage others to add relevant to your web site as a whole. So make sure that all key words relevant. You can extend this idea by creating web pages for local resultant URLs in order of relevance. On the Apple Mac, "Sherlock" robots.txt" when they visit a web site. This file gives them rule" is especially applicable to your Index page. If it contains satalite, satallite, statallite, antena, arial, aeriel, ariel, satellite TV equipment, Apple Mac accessories and lots more, too. save the resultant file. You don't need to save all the images. Now search facility that uses other search engines and ranks the search for in order to find such a site. You need to create a search engine if he/she were looking for a web site like yours. For search engine will not give it a high ranking and may even ignore it search engines like to find a link to themselves and such a link will search, site, engines, key, engine, key words, ranking --></P> This see this as "spamming". Put them in full view under the title "Common seems rather impolite to allow a visitor to jump from a search engine sell if I left the information in full view on the web site and I should be in the invisible page header, I'll list them, below. Some signature, too! Many search engines "spider" the News Groups and the similar colour to the background. Don't make it the *same* colour and similar facility. Once you've found some top ranking sites with your simply a word or phrase that you would expect someone to type into a site to add *your* web site URL to their e-mail signatures. How? You site. Use as many different search engines as possible or find a sites. Sometimes you can charge a small fee for these and sometimes so they made no sense but the search engines could still see the same software such as VSE Web Site Turbo to remove junk such as this software available is brilliant. Here is a couple of suggestions: VSE some tips...> ) <META name="keywords" content="web site, search soon it won't matter what words are used in a search because they specific page for every one. Here is a few: Title: Satellite spider might interpret it as "spamming". If you really need to hide still keeping them "invisible" to the reader is to enclose them still. Put it on your stationery and vehicles Print your web site URL sufficient. For example, consider a site that sells Satellite suggestions to improve it. system. Be sure to put a "Back to Contents" link on every page. Pages tags and put at the bottom of the page. Don't try to hide them by tell him/her the URL of the page where you will put the comment. The text format. If you can't make meaningful sentences, it's possible to that you have a few html files on your hard drive, look at the that is already ranked highly, they can improve the ranking of their that will Inspect your pages and insert key words automatically or the most important words at the beginning.) <META the meta key tags, the first heading and as the first emboldened the URL in their messages. Make sure their page contains a link back the invisible header should contain your "key words" and that these the major search directories (such as "Yahoo"). VSE Web Site Turbo the number of links. Each time you register a new site like this, you the page--> (This is not relevant to search engines but some software the text from view (why?) you can put it in a single table cell and their comments published. Just imagine that you've never written to a them to your page. If you are in the USA or Canada, remember that not them wisely and make sure that any key words or phrases that you type there's nothing to stop you from replying to somebody's posted these search engines. Jumble, don't delete As I pointed out they appear. Better still if a key word appears in the page title, this in detail because you won't need to use this feature). The third this site?" Sometimes it's obvious but sometimes it's impossible to those words. That's not to suggest that META key words are not though it is no longer specifically relevant. NEVER delete a file. to find companies that do not do this! Improve Your Search Engine to match the page background colour. Use this "image" as the link to spell. (Whether you want to attract illiterates is another to your web site. If it's less than twenty, you have a problem. to improve its ranking with the search engines. Upload your page(s) to include non-English words, too, since you don't want to exclude to write a paragraph for me?" I use Apple Macintosh computers and the to your index page. Offer to take family pictures or scan their own to your web site(s) Register your web site automatically in seconds to yours. If you don't offer a web site design service, it's time you useful information in the form of sentences, rather than a jumble of using software that checks each page for relevancy and makes using this tag: <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"> want to sell to countries whose first language is not English then it web page and, in doing so, it strips out all the unnecessary web site because its pages are registered with hundreds of search web page at all. The result is a file that is usually at least 20 web page creation programmes will insert these for you; some ask you web site URL. This is advertising at its cheapest and, often, most web site, search engines, web site url, site url, well as factors already mentioned, your web site ranking depends which Meta name tags you want; some leave you to insert them which would cause confusion if someone "dropped into it". In that whole world! Wouldn't you tell all your friends? You bet you would, will all hit on a page that links directly back to yours! If you want will be worth your while to look up the most important words and add will return in any case. Some search engines will ignore the request with over 100 search engines and also facilitate registration with with suitable "invisible" links. You could set up your files as a with repeated mentions in the page text, to get it a high ranking for within a frame can be especially problematic since the search engine wondered what to do. No point in having a book if the search engines word. Each page should also contain sentences which are relevant to words altogether and look only at text in the body of the page. Page words and phrases there. I added a note with a link on every page to words in the index page. However, its first visible page heading had would be confusing or unhelpful if viewed alone. In any case, it would be foolish to delete it. Lots of people wrote to me in horror you send an e-mail message, make sure your signature includes your you still have the original version to work on. your web site search engine ranking</TITLE> (Make the page title your web site URL appear in a number of News Groups can increase its your web site. As a result, I was inundated with requests to divulge ©2000 a useable lifetime of 15-20 years. Permaline marking lines for a durable no-maintenance product, which under most circumstances has a person types into a search engine, you will have a page that deals a search engine. Imagine how high a page will be ranked if its META a supplier of "white line paint" because that's the only system he about what a groundsman might be searching for. If he has already addition, you must write MORE pages of information and link to and write about the disadvantages of using paint. Eventually you end appear to sell white lines for playing fields. How very, erm, baseball, soccer, football, sports, playing field"> boots, hockey sticks..... You thought web site design was a business is about to change. As your web site evolves you'll think content="Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0"> Permaline International, creating a nice looking web site but with little thought for what designer has cleverly used a "frame" page which calls up the body doesn't lend itself quite so nicely to future changes and additions even if you don't. Skip the next two paragraphs if you like but few. If they find NO matches, then they will consider the page following will be ignored: color: #602000 } A:visited for us?????????????? Jim Definitely. Let's take a look..... Hmm, you grass, paint, football, hockey, baseball. ANYTHING that a groundsman hasn't heard of you, he might be looking for DRAINAGE PIPES or haven't told you everything, yet :o) Kind Regards, Martin Martin T. he'll be looking for a supplier of worms to keep the soil drained or heard of you, he'll be looking for PERMALINE. Easy! But, if he here is part of the header, which the search engines will ignore: hobbies...) (UK Sky Digibox only) http-equiv="Content-Type"content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> (UK satellite TV, electronics, ? We have the only lining system in (Apple Mac accessories) Martin Pickering is a hundreds but you don't have to do them all at once. Think again inc.- The leader in synthetic lining systems for sports fields The information for your own web site?" My answer: "One at a time". And instead. This can be done invisibly so the result is virtually the interest in a particular sport, fishing, food, drink, football interested in sport. Even if the Groundsmen don't see your pages, interesting {o0 ZZzzzzz yawn. Grunt. Oops, sorry, I had another late introduce at least 100 words of text into the frame page or home is it anyway? I can't find it. It's out at sea somewhere. I'm not it doesn't give me any information that interests me and, hey, where kids learn about sport? 1. School 2. College/University Now, how knows about. People ask me "How did you manage to write 450 pages of lecturers? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. So get some of your staff to start little technical but your web page designers will understand it, little bit. To make it WORK for you, you have to add the other 99 long enough to lose the excitement of learning. looking ahead. You can start small but you can grow. As you grow, mail order specialist, web site dabbler and lateral thinker, aged many schools, colleges, university campuses do you know of which DO might attract school children, college students, teachers or might be interested in. Remember that it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that he night. OK, here's your home page source code:- design by M. L. note of: in the domain of synthetic turf. Replace natural grass with of other products. You might even come back to me for a few ideas. I other pages so that the search engines can find them. The other page ranking will be low or zero. page AND, if frames are retained, include invisible links to all pages should each have at least 100 words AND the META KEY WORDS people. They will refer to it when they want the latest soccer news. percent. This is NOT technical stuff. It's simply a matter of picture of how the search engines work? It doesn't matter WHICH of please read on. The rest of my suggestions are definitely NOT poster on the side of a Chinese barge. Sure, it looks pretty but .. predict in what direction your web site will head. All I can say is provided that that page has a link to your home page. The more pages rating is likely to be significantly higher than if they find only a reached your 200th page and found that everything I've written is relevance to be zero and will not list it. Here we go then: So relevant) to the search engines. Let's go one step further. Where do retired baseball and soccer players to type for you. Get them to right and orders are flooding into your mailbox, you can pay me. same to the viewer, but requires a little more work to create and scrolling="no" noresize frameborder="0,no"> SRC="index2.htm" seen by the search engines. However, it will increase the download should reflect the main words that appear on the same page ONLY. In soft sell begins. Your target is this: no matter what word or phrase specifically with that subject. I guess it could easily run into sports fields."> permaligne, permaline, duraline, golf, soccer, suggesting that your web site designers are bad. They are system but introduce a "NO FRAMES" tag which lets you put text into technical thing? Well, the first litle bit IS, but you've got that technical. 1. Remove the frames system and use ordinary page links technically excellent. I design web sites but I couldn't have done text in another file so that it becomes visible to the browser. that it COULD evolve into something that MEANS something to a lot of that the search engines mostly look for. They compare the META KEY that's it. There is NO body text whatsoever! Why? Well, because the the kids and teachers will tell them about your product. I can't the page "invisibly". It won't be seen by the visitor but it WILL be the search engines will register as VERY relevant. Are you getting a the search engines will see when they visit it. Just to show you, the world and can't seem to get enough emails. Can you do something then this hardly matters! Once the decision is made, you should they find a reasonable number of matches, then the page "relevance" this site look attractive?" I think: "How can I attract PEOPLE to this site?" OK, you just got a $200 dollar consultation. When you've those, too. They can be written about any relevant subject such as time of the page by a second or two. But, bearing in mind that the type you FIVE HUNDRED PAGES that will attract these people who are typing. Get out-of-work newspaper reporters to type for you. Get up with DOZENS of pages, each one about a very SPECIFIC topic that virtually ANYTHING to do with ground or turf maintenance, or his web site, the MORE likely it is that somebody will find it listed on will be looking for "marking lines for sports fields". More likely, writing text that will both interest people AND look attractive (= you can keep re-registering it with the search engines. Pretty soon you have, the more "doorways" you have to your home page where the you won't need to; the search engine spiders will revisit because your pages the search engine finds on any particular search, your most likely customers. What do I see in your web pages that your ranking has gone up! At the moment your web site is like a yours as they have. I don't even know how to *use* "Macromedia {text-decoration: none; color: #FF0000 } } --> Ah, now we are getting to it! Here comes the visible body text }A:hover { text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF; background:#00A200 ©2000 M.T. Pickering "Flash" movie etc. already takes a minute, to appear and to run, - meaning that more work will be required. 2. Leave the frames 49. He's been around long enough to know his limitations but not A:active {text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF; background:#000000 After I published my "BE FOUND" article about search engine ranking, And here are the words which *some* search engines will take careful Communications, inc--> frameborder="0,no"> MARGINHEIGHT="0" Flash". But I'm a lateral thinker. I don't think: "How can I make GREAT JUST GREAT! What can you do for us at I'm still writing more each week. The MORE pages you have in your Jim, of PERMALINE, wrote to me:- KEY WORDS are "worm, worms" and the text is all about worms. It's NAME="main" frameborder="0,no"> NOT HAVE a sports field? Almost none. Did it click? I just listed . See my web sites at: Steiner Communications, inc--> Well, Steiner have made a good job of That's the deal :o) Now read it over again and feel excited. Your They will refer to it when they are writing their theses. I'm Unfortunately, it is NOT visible to the search engines so your home VERY relevant. Now add a page about PAINT, PAINTS, PAINTING, LINES WORDS (listed above) with the body text and look for matches. If What must be done about it? You have two choices. This is just a "mentioned" my repair kits in a couple of forums in order to drum up "rules" that worked for me: a.. Don't try to appear big. The personal ($450) per month. It was several months before I discovered the (US$100,000) which came mainly through web site generated orders for Apple Mac G3. Last year (1998-99) my turnover was 61,500 pounds Figure it out - that's 300,000 potential customers each year. I could Here's an article that I wrote for "Inside Office". You can subscribe However, next year , business should pick up again as I now offer I'd been Technical Manager with a small UK company distributing a million people, forget it, unless what you are selling has an also supply to the much larger European market where similar and lateral thinker, aged 49. He's been around long enough to know and upload my first page. Over the last four years my single page has at: (UK satellite TV, back from many other sites which I've constructed for others on my base of around 3 million users of whom 90 percent had a receiver made business applications of the Internet. Send submissions to: business. I allowed a TV spares warehouse to copy my kits in return but it serves to show what one man can do with a tiny investment in by one of only two companies. With so few variants, only a small cheque n.. Encourage customers to join your mail shot list and send directories i.. Make web pages for friends and businesses and include doing this! k.. Make ordering easy. I can't accept credit cards but I each page downloads quickly - minimise images and size d.. Check electronics, hobbies...) (UK Sky Digibox expanded to about 300 (I've lost count) with a mirror site and links extremely high profit margin - I work on just 40 percent. This brings failed and only a few manufacturers made the receivers for the UK for a royalty of a few pennies per kit - amounting to some 300 pounds free information to help customers decide what to buy g.. Add pages get started. I had the beginnings of a business since, for two years, haven't written a new book and Sky has dropped its analogue satellite his limitations but not long enough to lose the excitement of and But the in your field? We're looking for 700-800 word articles on the in a sub-section of not-so-relevant information to increase passing instructions. I already had an Apple Mac Quadra 650 so the only into a few related markets as well. Martin T. Pickering B.Eng. Expert investment needed was about 500 pounds (US$800) for components and kits and spare parts. I wrote a repair book, too, and I write a learning. least once a day m.. Acknowledge every order received and every links back to your web site. You can even charge for this! j.. Write links to other related sites and to search engines f.. Add pages of magazine articles and books and mention your web site I get paid for market. That made it a relatively small market but with a customer me to the final point. If your target market is too small, DIVERSIFY meaning of "Web Page" but it didn't take me long to find a local ISP mention of my web site. This year's turnover is much lower since I money (but a large investment in time). I'm really a lowly engineer monthly magazine column, under a pen-name, in which I make frequent most important thing is to have a large market for a niche product number of parts was required to cover most receivers and they had o.. Put your web page URL and brief details in your e-mail signature only) Martin Pickering is a mail order specialist, web site dabbler p.. READ everything you can about marketing. I can recommend: packaging. An account with CompuServe was easy to set up and I page has relevant key words and phrases in headings c.. Make sure See my web sites receivers were used. I made up repair kits and typed out redundant for the second time in three years was the push I needed to satellite TV equipment and had plenty of practice in fixing the satellite TV. My recipe for success would not suit a larger company service in favour of digital -- so most people have new receivers spelling and grammar very carefully then get someone else to e.. Add that nobody else sells. If your potential customer base is less than them an interesting message about new ideas and products once a month things when they went wrong. I had listed the parts that usually to this mailing list at:- Being made touch can be just as important to your customer. b.. Make sure every trade. h.. Submit your web site to 50 major search engines and trust people to send payment later l.. Answer e-mail enquiries at various accessories and am looking at other markets in addition to very poor reliability with one in ten failing within 12 months. which are still in warranty and they won't pay me to repair these! with no previous sales experience but I'm learning! Here are some. >Hi,
>I read your article on How to be engine placement. I
>wondered if I could ask you a question about what I read in the
>article. First, thanks for the information. I am a Plastic Surgeon in
>Beverly Hills and I wrote my own web site. I am redesigning it
>according to what you said in your article. For each page where I am
>trying to focus on a particular plastic surgery, cosmetic
>surgery or facial plastic surgery...Does the text of each page have to
>be completely changed or can I get a design, photo and text that I like
>and change simply change each pages title, keywords and first bolded
>text? I also wondered if the 100 word rule for each page includes the
>text links on the side and top of each page?
>Dr. Palmer

*might* search for LIPOSUCTION but more likely he'll be searching for FOODS will not help you if your condition is such that .... So NOT just those words that are specific to your business. A fat man Preferably more than once and not more than seven times (although I She searches for and finds *your* page that mentions "M T. Pickering B.Eng. The "rules" vary for every search engine "robot" so there are really add that word to the page. You can add a search facility to your and phrases that your potential customer might be searching for and any particular page. In other words, each page should try to does, it applies to the HTML code and NOT to the visible page, so effective than DIET FOODS and gives an instant result!" So use words engine. And bear in mind that you should concentrate on the words fat or thin...? Do you see my point.. a FAT person might well be his favorite cigar! Also bear in mind that most people can't SPELL This is the one I use. BTW the "100 look at the code which is what the "robot" or "spyder" sees. ©2000 M. looking for? Think of the *type* of person who looks for surgery. Is no rules! What you get right for one will be wrong for another so I plastic surgery is a better option. We can offer ..... much more recommend you do the minimum changes. Make sure that your Meta key searching for DIET FOODS and not even thinking about plastic surgery. site, too. Take a look at: Tippecanoe Systems, Inc. site. Every time my search facility records an unsuccessful search, I specialize in a particular subject. In the end, however, quantity take this with a pinch of salt). How you achieve this balance is up that person mostly male, female, rich, poor, insecure or confident, that the potential customer will use to search. What is the customer to you. Minimize the number of key words/phrases in the header for will find a link to at least *one* of your pages in every search wins. The more pages you have, the more likely it is that someone word rule" doesn't apply to all search engine robots but, where it words correctly so you should include popular misspellings amongst words/phrases in the invisible header are to be found in the text. your key words. I devote an entire page to misspelt words on my web DIET FOODS Once you have enticed visitors to your web site, it's a good idea to keep them there for a while - especially if your purpose is to sell them something! There are lots of ways to design a web page to make it look attractive.

"3". This is about as small as you can go for readable text at 32dpi "padding" keeps the text away from the coloured borders. If it I make it smaller, the text is difficult to read on some computers. Load it into your favourite web page design application and change it Make it larger and you can't read many lines at a time without You can look at the code for this page and you'll see that I use a and it looks fine at 96dpi as well. It's a reasonable compromise. If and, maybe omit the left column border). My table is centred. My but you'll find that most really professional web sites construct cells make up a single border of green-blue colour to give some blank code :o) The overall table width is set to 600 pixels to make it colour to contrast with the green-blue border. Finally, the text is continuously scrolling. I also use horizontal cells to separate the corners. This looks great but can increase the loading time if you don't type right up to the edge of a sheet. The text size is number fairly simple "table" structure. The left hand vertical column of for ease of reading, and I make the background a beige or khaki introductory paragraph from the rest. I make the page colour white, last thing you want is to make your visitor struggle to read your not actually black. It is almost the same colour as the border but a pale, plain colour. If you use a pattern, it can be distracting. The printed out, you may need to make the table width slightly narrower reached the edges of the white "paper" it wouldn't look right. You readable on a small monitor screen. (If your page is designed to be sales pitch! Here's an example of an inappropriate background: shade darker. This is simply an example of how it may be done and space. You can view the source code and download it to your computer. table parameters are set to: Border = 0 Spacing = 0 Padding = 10 The their pages like this. A few use coloured images to add curves to the there are lots of variations you can make to colours and dimensions to suit your needs. The text is copyright but you can have my page use too many images. I tend to keep the background either white or a See how difficult it is to read this text? Even if I make it larger, appropriate. It's the work of an amateur. background is still very imposing. Try any colour you like. Make it bold. It really doesn't work. It looks pretty but it's not it's not easy to read. Of course, I can change its colour, but the a background! Imagine what it would look like if it filled the screen. I've seen expect people to fill out a form or to read pages of text, please in the right place then it can be very effective .... But, if you whole web sites designed like this! If it is used for special effects Here's a trick you should know about. Column border would not appear on Consequently, If any cell of my Hadn't done this, is likely to ignore it! Screen for anyone using NetScape. Table is otherwise empty, I put a if you have an empty cell, NetScrap the entire left Navigator Here is an example of a table which is used to set a page width that for their navigation buttons on one side and their flashing banners a 24" monitor isn't worth talking to? Annoying, isn't it! OK, I understand that they want to make room is simply too wide for most monitors to display. You have to use the mistake which I find on many "professional" web sites. Perhaps they on the other, but that's a poor excuse for thoughtless design. scroll bars beneath in order to read it all. This is another common think that anyone who can't afford I mentioned, above. If you are using Internet Explorer will see the yellow Just as an example of what NetScape will see it end, just below NetScape you will not be able to column continue to the bottom of this white area but those using see the yellow cell to the left of the "Enter" button. this white one. Those using This cell has a but I want you to be able to see it! correctly. Of course, if I was in it so NetScape will display it the dot match the designing it properly. I would make colour of the cell I've made this can see its cell colour so you shape and size.

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