Some ideas to let you breathe more easily if you get a cold or flu.

I'm not too keen on breathing the fumes from burning red phosphorus on a match, as advocated by some!

What I do breathe is menthol vapour. Buy a little bottle of menthol crystals from the pharmacy. Pour a pint of boiling water into a suitable bowl (earthenware or pyrex glass). Drop one menthol crystal onto the water and cover it with a towel. Lift the towel and breathe the vapour into your nose, then repeat but breathe it through your mouth into your lungs. Take care not to breathe steam that's too hot!

About six breaths leave my nasal passages and bronchials clear enough to get a good night's sleep. Also helps to kill the cough reflex. Repeat when you awake.

Another tip: I used to suffer from sinus infection after colds and flu. Now, at the first sign of problems, I take an empty eye-dropper bottle and put a tiny pinch of salt into it. Then I add a single drop of "Dettol" antiseptic from the blade of a pointed knife. I stress that the amounts are tiny!

Now fill the bottle with warm (body temperature - not hot) water and let the salt dissolve. Hang your head over a basin and squirt the liquid down each nostril. Move your head gently so the liquid runs across the sinus passages in your forehead. Then tilt your head so the liquid runs into your cheekbone sinuses. Finally, let the stuff drip out of your nose and dry your nose on a tissue.

Disclaimer: if this kills or injures you, not my fault. Make sure you aren't allergic.

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