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NOTE: This decoder is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.


Frequently Asked Questions - Pace D100/150 decoders

1. Why did my power supply go bang?
2. How do I repair the power supply?
3. How do I update the codes?
D100 and D150 Pace D2Mac decoder

1. Why did my power supply go BANG?
In some early versions, the mains input socket was often under stress and would pull its pins out of the solder pads, causing arcing.
In later versions, the 105 degree capacitors C142, C144 and C145 were prone to failure when the receiver became too hot. C139 can also fail and cause damage. If C139 is marked "LCC" or is more than 3 years old, you should replace it. (Not included in SATKIT).

2. How do I repair the power supply?
DO NOT REPLACE THE FUSE! It is there to protect YOU and the receiver. If you replace it you can make the damage worse and put yourself at risk!
If the fuse has NOT melted, try replacing C142 (22uF), C144, C145 (10uF) with 105 degree C rated electrolytics. Observe polarity and be extremely careful when soldering/desoldering. The copper tracks and pads are very fragile. Use fine "Multicore desolder wick®" - DO NOT use a pump-action desolder tool! Ensure normal safety precautions. These capacitors are included in "SATKIT 6" which can cure: "whistling noise", "hissing noise", "streaky pictures", "power supply goes tick, tick, tick but won't work".
If the fuse HAS melted, you will need the complete kit of parts SATKIT 6. I'm not going to list the parts here because some of them are very special and you CAN'T buy them - especially R228 which must be a non-spiral type 10 Ohm 2 Watt (ordinary ones just go "pop").
Remember, these are classed as "Safety Critical" components. You MUST use the Pace-approved parts. If you don't then you risk damage and fire hazard and could even be prosecuted under the Consumer Protection Act. Yes, I'm trying to scare you. Use the proper kit.

3. How do I update the codes?
>I have just purchased a S/Hand D150 with no manual. It is working fine
>but is it possible to update the Secret codes with no remote control?
>I can acess the Menus but can't figure out how to enter the codes
>Any help would be much appreciated !
> Alan

Press the menu button once. There will be a sub-menu. Highlight the Cass Control menu using the menu button, once highlighted hit the text button once and another sub-menu will appear. Highlight the new secret code with the menu button, then press the text button. That will bring you to the area where you enter the codes. The numbers are entered using the menu button. After each digit entered you must press the text button once to move to the next digit. Repeat until all four digits have been entered.

After the last digit entered when you press the text button the menu will disappear. Start from the beginning again until you have entered all the codes nessessary. Simple, huh?

And another version of the same answer from "Lee":

  • Press menu then the main menu will come up
  • install menu
  • access menu
  • subtitles
  • Go down to the access menu buy pressing the store button (menu) now press
  • the adjust + button (text) the access menu will come up
  • consultation
  • CASS control
  • press CASS control as above then CASS control will come up
  • pay per view lock
  • consult lock
  • parental ctrl
  • new secret code
  • press new secret code then you are in
  • press adjust + for number and store to get to the next number.
  • on the last number DO NOT PRESS STORE for a long time
    (you never want to store any codes to the card)
  • you must do this seven times

sorry the wrong way - press store for numbers and adjust to move on.


An upgrade module to add Remote Control operation to a D150 is described at: (Sorry - dead link)

4. How do I adjust the vco in the D150?

Try this..

  • Press the MENU button to give main menu.
  • Press the TEXT button to go to the Install menu.
  • Press the TEXT button to go to the MAC Install menu.
  • Check that the preferred audio is set to English.
  • Press and hold the MENU and TEXT buttons, the Service menu should now appear after a small delay.
  • To set the VCO value in the Service menu.
  • At the Service Menu the VCO value is highlighted.
  • Press the + ( TEXT ) button once.
  • Using the + ( TEXT ) and - ( AUDIO ) keys to change the value up or down.
  • Press and hold the STORE ( MENU ) button.

Hope that helps.


If you use a Pace decoder with a receiver NOT made by Pace then you MUST disconnect wires 10 and 12 in the Scart lead. The Pace decoder uses these wires to send data to the Pace Positioner and receiver.

NOTE: Questions about pirate cards and PC software will not be answered.

This information is given in good faith, based on several years of workshop experience involving thousands of repairs. No responsibility will be accepted for any death, damage or injury caused either directly or indirectly by the use of this information. The reader should check the facts himself. It is assumed and stressed that the reader will be familiar with good, safe, electronic workshop practice and will be familiar with all tools, components and terms used. If there is any doubt about the reader's ability to carry out such work competently and safely, the work should be referred to a specialist engineer.

Martin Pickering

End of FAQ


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