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Amusing Stories

A trip to IKEA Read the amusing letter sent to the manager of this store

Each month Martin Pickering as "Jack Armstrong" writes a monthly "Satellite Workshop" column for "Television Servicing" magazine.

We've compiled some of the original, unedited versions - that means they are longer and funnier than the published versions. They may contain errors or stories which have never appeared in print. They might also contain the odd note to the editor!
Originally, they were accessible from the list, below, but we decided to "scramble" those pages and sell the compilation.

It is simply too good to give away for free. You'll find it in the "Satellite" section. Click on "Books" at the top of this page.

You can subscribe to "Television" magazine (and the others) or buy them at a newsagent.

Find out more about the Magazines

Find out about the REAL Jack Armstrong

Read about Martin's early career in Telecommunications

Jack Armstrong writes Satellite Workshop in "Television" - Magazine.

The following pages have been scrambled but left in place because they were already listed on many search engines.

Satellite Workshop 01

SS9200, SRV1, Mag polariser

Satellite Workshop 02


Satellite Workshop 03


Satellite Workshop 04

VS1000, SRD510

Satellite Workshop 05

SAT1700, SRE90S, SRD510, SS9200, Interference from actuator

Satellite Workshop 06

PRD900, Technisat 4000ST, Connexions CX95A, Mimtec Premiere

Satellite Workshop 07

SRD400, MSS1000, SRD510, SRD600, Apollo 120

Satellite Workshop 08

UST7007, SAT1700, SRD520, SRD510, PRD800, GRD250, Tardis

Satellite Workshop 09

Scarts, MSS1000, Churchill, SRD400, MSS500, STU824, Durrants

Satellite Workshop 10

LT8700, MSS500, RD480, SS9200, PRD800

Satellite Workshop 11

SRD550, SRD540, D2Mac decoders

Satellite Workshop 12

SS9200, SR950, PRD800, RD480, SRD510, SRD545

Satellite Workshop 13

Magicians, GRD150, SRD500, SAT1700, SRD510

Satellite Workshop 14

Nicam stereo, RD480, MSS200, GRD150, Discus Ellipse, STU824, SS9000, UST7007, SR7700, SRD510, Manhattan 9000, SRD4

Satellite Workshop 15

GRD150, GRD200, MSS1000, BBD-901, SRD700

Satellite Workshop 16

JSR3300, GRD150, MSS300, ARD200, SVS300, ADX

Satellite Workshop 17

MSS100, NEC3022, Oritron Jupiter, SRD510, Signal meters

Satellite Workshop 18

Prima, Handsets, SRD500, MSS1000, SRV1, STU824, RD480

Satellite Workshop 19

MSS1000, MSS500, SR-800, Apollo 120, MSS100, SR5500, SVS300, D150, ADX

Satellite Workshop 20

IRD155, SRD4, SRD6, PRD800, D150, SR950

Satellite Workshop 21

SRD650, BBD-901, PRD900, ARD200,

Satellite Workshop 22

MSS100, MSS1000, GRD280, PRD800

Satellite Workshop 23

SAT800, SRD500, ARD200, SVS250

Satellite Workshop 24

SRD6, SRD510

Satellite Workshop 25

Galaxis, MSS1000, MSS500, PRD800, SRD2000

Satellite Workshop 26

S6000, SRD6, PRD900, Prima, SRD700

Satellite Workshop 27

SAT800, TS-540, MSS1000, SR950+

Satellite Workshop 28

SRD6, SVS250, MSS1000, SVS300, SS9200

Satellite Workshop 29

SRD4, GRD150, MSS508-IP, Prima

Satellite Workshop 30

SR950, Apollo 120, MSS100/Prima, Parcel Farce

Satellite Workshop 31

MSS1000, PRD800, SRD600, CTU900, GRD150, SR950/SRD700

Satellite Workshop 32

PRD700, PRD800, Tone switches, SS9000, D100

Satellite Workshop 33

SS9200, SRD750, ST-8, GRD300, SRD510, MSS200, Scarts, Greek

Satellite Workshop 34

TSR205, Apollo 120, MSS1000, PRD800

Satellite Workshop 35

SRD6, Caller Dismay, SAT1700, MSS501-IP, LT8700, RD600

Satellite Workshop 36

SRD400, GRD150, PRD800, SRD2000, GSR1

Satellite Workshop 37

NEC4012, Digital, SS9200

Satellite Workshop 38

SRD510, SVS260, MSS100, Apollo 120, SS9200

Satellite Workshop 39

SVS250, OP10, MSS1000-IP, Prima, MSS100

Satellite Workshop 40

Interference, GSR1, SRD650, SAT780, Prima/Apollo/MSS, GRD300, MSS501-IP

Satellite Workshop 41

Apollo 120

Satellite Workshop 42

Digital, MTV, SVS260, PRD800, SR950

Satellite Workshop 43

SRD510, SRD520, Apollo 120, MSS200, SRD510, PRD900, ACU8152

Satellite Workshop 44

PRD800, PRD800+, MSS300, MSS100, Digital

Satellite Workshop 45

SRD520, SVS300, BUT11A, SVS260, SRD700

Satellite Workshop 46

SAT1700, MSS300, MSS100, SRD510

Satellite Workshop 47

SAT1700, MSS300, Apollo 120

Satellite Workshop 48

MSS1000, Digibox

Satellite Workshop 49

Mediamaster DVB9600, MSS100, GRD200, MSS508-IP

Satellite Workshop 50

SS9200, Pace Prima, BT SVS250, BT SVS260, E-mail blues, Circuit design

Satellite Workshop 51

Echostar SR-70VC, MSS200

Satellite Workshop 52

SAT1700, PRD800, CTU900, MRD960+, MSS1000-IP

Satellite Workshop 53

Sky Digibox repairs

Satellite Workshop 54

Sky Digibox features, Oyster, SRD750F, Nokia ACU5152, MSS300

And for the Satellite Professional Reader:

Soldering Iron Plonkers

Satellite Trader 01

Satellite Trader 02

Satellite Trader 03

Satellite Trader 04

Satellite Trader 05

Satellite Trader 06

Satellite Trader 07

Satellite Trader 08

Satellite Trader 09

Satellite Trader 10

Satellite Trader 11

Satellite Trader 12

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