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Motivation can be found easily.

The time between birth and death is a tiny moment in the history of our planet.

If you had forever to accomplish your goals, there would be no need for haste or passion, dreams or hopes.

No matter what lack of motivation or inspiration you have previously had, tomorrow can be better.

We're not motivated by the things that we did yesterday or the thing we'll do next year, but tomorrow - that's where most peoples dreams lay. However, we know tomorrow never comes.

"I'll do it tomorrow", How many times have you said that and not been correct.

The time to build tomorrow is Today. Today we are the sum of all previous tomorrows.

Here is the exciting part - you can create new meaningful memories starting today.

Your life up to now is nothing to do with your life and potential tomorrow.

Anything you think has been holding you back can be left behind as you move into a new day.

Motivation is easy to create when you realise that the actions you take Now are the ones that will build your future. Old habits do not have to continue into your future if you change them today. offers articles, information products (like Napolean Hills 'think and grow rich') plus a friendly community of forum members who are willing to help you be the person you wish you were.

The story of your life continues and you can write it as you go. The ending is still a work in progress.

With each day that passes, you can move your life towards the one you dream of and leave behind the false belief that you can't have everything you deserve and more.

If you feel like life has more to offer, yet you can't see how to realise the potential, you're not alone.

Visit now and start making a difference and meeting others who feel the same.

Whether you're running a business and have lost that focus that used to empower you, or you're just lacking personal motivation to reach self-improvement goals - things can change if you take action now.

by Andrew Henry - MoneyandMotivation

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