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NOTE: This analogue receiver is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.

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Pace MRD920, MRD950 - MRD960+ FAQ

I'm trying to find out more facts about these receivers but I need help.
Please Email me your discoveries

(Tell me if you want your name and email address included with your contribution)



1. How do I do a factory reset?
Press the following button sequence:

Right arrow >
Left arrow <

2. My MRD920 has streaky pictures and now the D2Mac channels scramble intermittently.
Buy the SatCure reliability upgrade kit RELKIT 5 (see list of kits).
(Mostly capacitors and NO I won't send you a list!
You gotta let me make a little profit after giving away all this free information)

3. My MRD920 says "No Access" for some channels although my smart card is OK
Fit the latest Symulcrypt Eprom, part number 807S2201005 (see list of spares)

4. How do I set the VCO?
MRD920 service menu to set VCO
Eprom version 807-2201004
3 (Install)
2 (Mac install)
then right/left to adjust VCO
(Please tell me if this works with other Eprom versions - Martin)

4. How do I reset the PIN?
Disconnect power.
Hold Standby button and reconnect power

5. Why does the polariser current jump from negative to positive with no steps inbetween?
U3 (TLC272) on the polariser board is faulty (see list of spares).


You can read more information about the MRD920 in the Pace SS9200 FAQ


1. How do I do a factory reset?
Press the following button sequence:

Right arrow
Left arrow

2. My MRD950/960 says "No Access" for some channels although my smart card is OK
Fit theSymulcrypt Eprom, part number 807-2601013 or latest version 807-2401008

3. How do I get J17 de-emphasis to operate with my MRD950?
(1) Remove link 89 on the main PCB.
(2) Fit a wire link (100 x 0.5mm insulated) from the solder pad for link 89 farthest from the edge of the main PCB to pin 3 of PL1 on the underside of the MAC PCB. Secure the wire link with a spot of silicone adhesive at each end.
(3) Change U4 on the Z8 microcontroller board to version 2, part no. 805-0950101.

4. Can I control an external 22kHz tone inserter, ADX, LNB switch?

If you need to control, for example, an external 22kHz tone inserter box on a "per-channel" basis, this simple modification should do the trick.

Hidden in the MRD microcontroller chip, U2, is an option to control a dual-bandwidth tuner. The MRD receiver does not have a dual-bandwidth tuner so we can use this feature for our own purpose.

The modification is simple; you don't even need to remove the printed circuit board!

sketch of modification

You will need:

A 1k 0.25W resistor
A 4k7 0.25W reesistor
A 100R 0.25W resistor
150mm length of insulated wire
Thin solder
Fine tip soldering iron

Refer to the sketch:

Tin the relevant legs of the ICs with solder.
Tin the wires of the resistors with solder.
Solder the 4k7 resistor from pin (1) of U2 to pin (2) of U4.
Solder the 1k resistor from pin (14) of U3 to link LK121 (12 volt supply).
Solder the 100R resistor to the 1k resistor which goes to U3.
Solder the wire to the free end of the 100R resistor.
Solder the other end to pin 14 of the Decoder Scart socket.
(On the top row, count four from the top sharpest corner of the socket).
Pin 14 has NO connection to the circuits underneath the board.
It is free to use. BUT make sure that you cut the wire to pin 14 if you use a decoder.

Now you will see a new feature in the tuning menu.

If you change this to


the modification will put 12 volts on pin 14 of the Decoder socket.

You can use this to control an external box, such as:

22kHz tone inserter
LNB switching box

5. Why is the audio slow to come on and bit error rate too high on my MRD960?
Replace two 22µF electrolytics on the Mac board and all power supply electrolytics.

(Order RELKIT 7 or RELKIT 7a)

You must tell me if you want RELKIT 7 (182-0163105 decoder board)
or RELKIT 7a (182-0163203 decoder board)

These Reliability kits also fix a lot of picture problems. Fit the kit before trying to diagnose the cause.
Half of all faults will be cured by the kit.

If the PSU is dead (fuse melted) then fit SATKIT 1.



>Dear Martin!
>I'm repairing a Pace 950:
>All Horisontal Stations have horizontal streaks. All vertical have perfect picture
>quality. Failure both Scart and RF out. Failure is present on D2Mac and Pal channels.
>The failure is somewhere on the main board. (I swapped D2MACboard with one from a
>The LNB checked out OK. Works fine with my Pace MSS500.

Answer - Either:

1. A smoothing capacitor on the 17v supply for horizontal polarisation, or
2. Because more current is taken from the PSU when 17v is selected, a capacitor on the 5v or 12v rail.

> Hej Martin! Right you are! C23 (1000uf-35V) was in very bad shape.
>Now the picture quality is fine again both on vertical and horizontal programs.
> Have a nice day....Michael...

> Martin,
> You sent me a few capacitors FOC, a few weeks ago, in return for the
> info on which ones I ended up replacing. Well, I ended up replacing
> all the capacitors on the MAC board! I don't think I absolutely
> needed to, but after changing about half a dozen, the BER was ok
> again (this had been the original problem), but a colour fault
> appeared, with faint horizontal bands of green and purple occurring.
> I changed a few more and eventually cured it. There were only a few
> left to change so I decided to go the whole hog and change the rest.
> Now it all works perfectly. The audio detail is improved as well,
> the deterioration of which is something I hadn't noticed. I swapped
> electrolytics for tantalums where it was cost-effective to do so,
> and hopefully they will not deteriorate in the same fashion. The
> main advice I would give is to definitely change any caps that look
> discoloured, and there were a few. The main ones which I suspect of
> being faulty were: C53, C56, C61, C62 (22u/16V) C58 (100u/16V) C59
> (4u7/25V)
> Cheers,
> Gerald...

These receivers run VERY hot so I recommend you fit my fan kit if you don't want repeat problems.


>>I am having some problems with my Pace MRD960plus. The PSU is
>>making a very high irritating sound, its a kind of a very high beep.
>>When you turn on the receiver sound increases... but declines efter a
>>while. It looks like the more amperes are taken from the PSU
>>the more sound it makes. Most components of the voltage unit a getting
>>pretty warm
>>Have you guys a solution for me??
>>Thanks in advance!

It is warning you that it's about to go BANG!

A bit like an air-raid siren. Don't ignore it. Unplug it before it
becomes expensive. Get it fixed. It probably just needs the 47uF/400v,
22uF/35v and 2 x 10uF/50v capacitors at the back of the power supply


>Thanks for the great tip! By changing these three capacitors all irritating
>beeping disappeared! I contacted some repair stations here in Stockholm
>where I live and they advised me to buy a new receiver.
>Now I also solved my other problem, as follows:

> The D2Mac picture was blinking very fast. The normal PAL stations
> worked fine. I solved this problem by soldering a 10uF 25V capacitor
> in line with a variable resistor of 1k to zero (minus) and connected
> the + side of the10u 25V capacitor to the - (minus) side of C115,
> and the other side of the variable resistor to minus (zero, metal
> housing of the receiver). By adjusting the 1k variable resistor
> the picture became stable, clear and sharp.
>Ed ter Haar, Sweden.


>Color mismatch (purple color on the whole 1/6 on the upperpart and purple color on the whole 1/6 >lowerpart of the screen (the area supposed to be black) on all D2MAC chanels which are sending in >"letterbox" format. When the film ends, like comercials, etc. in full size, the picture has normally perfect >quality. Only if the program is very bright, then the bright parts of the screen gets a greens filtereffekt. >The failure is visible both onRF and Scart.
>Now it shows not the correct color. Black gets purple (upper and lower 1/6part of the screen)

The C113 or C115 (10uf-16) near the tuner caused this error. I got at hint from a "guru" in our local electronics newsgroup.

Greetings from Denmark....Michael

A complete fault-finding guide called "The Satellite Repair Manual" is available.

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