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NOTE: This analogue receiver is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.

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MSS500, MSS 1000, MSS 508, MSS 1008

MSS kits explained.

Read this before fitting a kit. In fact it's a good idea to read it before ordering a kit.
Please also read the relevant FAQ page for your specific receiver.
Please see how to DISMANTLE your receiver safely.

Power Supply Kits and Reliability Upgrade Kits
DO NOT SIMPLY REPLACE THE FUSE! It is there to protect YOU and the receiver. If you replace it you can make the damage worse and put yourself at risk!

RELKITs contain mostly high-reliability capacitors which help get rid of streaks and lines that were not present when the receiver was new. Often the capacitors fail after the receiver has been left to cool down. You are strongly advised to fit a RELKIT, regardless of the symptoms.

RELKITs can also repair a "dead" receiver. This is most likely when:

  • The receiver makes a noise - "ticking" or "whistling"
  • The fuse has not melted

SATKITs are intended to fix a completely dead power supply that gives no output voltages. In almost all cases, the fuse FS1 (F1A) will have melted. If it has not melted then you need ONLY the RELKIT. Do not order the SATKIT if the mains input fuse has NOT melted. Fitting the SATKIT will only increase the likelihood of additional problems.

If your receiver is dead and the fuse has melted you should fit BOTH kits.

When you fit a RELKIT it's a good idea to fit just the power supply capacitors first. If the power supply works OK on test, start to fit the remaining parts. Fit only a few at a time before testing. This way, if you make a mistake, it is easier to find.

Note: If the secondary fuse, FS2, has melted then our kits will probably not be suitable. Further investigation of the fault cause will be required.

Note: The capacitor voltages listed on the instruction sheet are correct. You don't need to ask me "the board has a 50 volt capacitor but your kit lists 35 volts - is this correct". The voltages are in accordance with the Pace service manual and I've been selling the kits since 1994. The highest voltage on the board is 30v. In most places it's a lot lower.

Capacitor C2 on the front panel board was prone to failure - especially when the receiver has been "cooked". This capacitor should be replaced with a 1uF/50v *multilayer ceramic* capacitor. Do not use any other type. (The original was 22uF electrolytic). We can supply the correct capacitor with your order or just send 4 stamps for C2 by itself.

It is OK to solder the new capacitor to the copper track side of the display panel, across the existing capacitor, without removing the PCB (see arrows in picture)

Pace mss500 mss1000 mss508 mss1008 satellite receiver front panel C2 position

Pace mss500 mss1000 mss508 mss1008 satellite receiver transistors

Surface mount transistors may fail.. It often happens gradually and increasing the contrast setting to 8 might fix the fault temporarily. We can supply transistors as TRANKIT 10 if required. Symptoms include intermittent flashing lines across the picture, dull picture or completely blank screen.

Alternatively, the fault might be cured by fitting all the High Reliability, low ESR capacitors in RELKIT 10.


Please read the notes that come with each kit. They are short and concise to fit on one sheet but they are designed to help you. I get a few people who mail me to say "I fitted your kit but the PSU went bang again". When I ask "did you make the checks and measurements, described in the notes, before applying power?" they reply:


Fitting the kit is not sufficient. It's too easy to make mistakes. DO check your work for solder-shorts, cracked tracks (use a meter) and measure those low-value resistors and diodes that are not supplied in the kit. It's too late after the "bang". Be patient and do those checks!

See How to Dismantle your Pace Receiver

Some MSS models have a Dolby Prologic board and/or a positioner board. Remove the fixing screws and lift the board gently off the long white plastic pillars while squeezing the top end catch with pliers. DO NOT press down on the pillars or you might crack the main board!

The flat white "ribbon" cables are easy to damage. Pull/push them carefully. If you kink or crease them, the conductors will break.

Have a look at our Solder Kit. It's supplied at no profit to help you to be successful.

You might also consider fitting the miniature cooling fan kit.


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