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'Orace Goes Fishing (the sequel to "Orace's Hair")

c1995 Martin Pickering

Enjoy! :o)


Our 'Orace was quite keen on fishing
Down at the old barge canal
He'd sit with his rod, and his mission
Was to catch not just one but a sho-al
So he used ten pound line with a sinker
Fifteen hooks would suffice for a start
There he sat with his boots on the clinker
And stared till it made his eyes smart
His mam had made real dripping sarnies
For his lunch as a real special treat
In them days 'twas used to feed armies
And greatly cheaper than meat
'Orace ate the good fare over yonder
And wrapped the line twice round his shoes
To make sure the fish wouldn't wander
Then leaned back on the grass for a snooze
Now all would be fine, but for Betty
(You remember, his sister who, it's said,
Helped hold 'Orace inside the netty
While flushing the hair off his head)
She was out with her boyfriend a cruising
In a long wooden barge on t' water
With a rapturous gaze (quite amusing)
At the engagement ring he'd just bought her
To make matters worse they'd been boozing
As the barge fast approached the same spot
Where 'Orace was comfortably snoozing
His bald head looking just like a rock
So Betty and George didn't notice
Their conveyance about to be hooked
And 'Orace woke up from his slumbers
Being towed along by his right foot
His screams brought his sister and boyfriend
Running fast to the back of the boat
But Betty cried "nay, don't pull him inside
We're dry and he's really quite soaked"
Well by this time the village had rumbled
That something had happened downstream
And they ran and they tripped and they tumbled
In their haste to see 'Orace get cleaned
They fetched his Ma out from the wash house
His father from down at the pub
He wasn't too chuffed to be pulled out
From where he was eating his grub
But as always he gave out the orders
For cleaning was really his job
He made them all stand in a circle
Then charged each and every a bob
"Now I'm expert at getting things gleaming"
He said to the village as one
"Bring buckets of water hot and steaming"
But 'Orace had already gone!


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Updated April 14, 2006
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