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Satellite Receiver FAQs from SatCure


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Frequently Asked Questions about Analogue satellite TV:


Receiver Repair and upgrade FAQs

Sky Digital TV Digibox

Amstrad SRX100/200

Amstrad SRD400

Amstrad SRD500/SRX300

Amstrad SRD600

Amstrad SRD700

Amstrad SRD510/520/540/545/550/SRX310/320 etc.

BT SVS250 /260/ Matsui OP-10

BT SVS300 / Houston 1002/Echostar SR90/Philips STU1400/ Seemann TS4200

Cambridge ARD200, BT-SVS200, JVC TU-AD1000, AKAI SX1000, ALBA IRD7000

Cambridge/Matsui RD480/Nokia SAT5100

Echostar SR5500

Echostar LT8700

Ferguson SRD4

Ferguson SRD6

Ferguson SRD5/SRD16

Goodmans ST700

Granada M/N93MR1/A

GRUNDIG GRD150, GRD250, GRD280, GRD300, GSR1, STR200S, STR2200S

Grundig STR1


Maspro SRE250/350S

Maspro ST-5, ST-9, LC200

Matsui OP-10, OP-20, BT SVS250 /260/

Matsui RD600, Minerva SAT5000

Mimtec Nimbus

Mimtec Spirit Excel / Manhattan 9900

Mitsubishi ST-PB10

Nokia SAT1500

Nokia SAT1600

Nokia SAT1700 <-- also D2Mac problems with any Nokia model

Nokia SAT780/800

Nokia ACU5152

Nokia infrared remote link

Pace SS9000/SS9200/MRD920/SRV1/GIRD2000/3000

Pace PRDxxx/PSRxxx

Pace MRD920, MRD950 - MRD960+

Pace MSS200/300/Apollo

Pace MSS500/1000/TS-540

Pace PRIMA & MSS100

Pace D100, D150 D2Mac decoders

Pace MSP990, MSP991 dish positioner

Pace PSM8000 - email me

Panasonic TU-SD200

Philips STU200

Philips STU1400/13G

Philips STU801/812/824

Philips STU3301, STU3601, STU1401

Tatung TRX5000/6000

Uniden UST7007/8008/771/92


Aegir, Oritron, Dixi & Lenco D2Mac decoders

Churchill & Optimac D2Mac decoders

Pace MRD920, MRD950 - MRD960+

Pace D100, D150 D2Mac decoders

Philips "Filmnet" BBD-901 D2Mac decoder

Philips CTU900 D2Mac decoder

You can get information about the MAC200, 250, 400 and 450 D2Mac decoders at the RSD Communications web site.

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