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How do I get a good quality picture and stereo audio in the bedroom or lounge?

Scart to phono adaptor

Triple phono lead

Scart to phono adaptor

H24-8175 Scart to phono

H24-6595 triple phono 5m long

H24-8175 Phono to scart

It's easy with our kit!

Plug the adapter into the "TV Scart" socket of your satellite receiver.

The Scart to Phono adapter is also a "straight through" connector so it doesn't interfere with your existing Scart connection. Just connect it to the back of the adapter.

Plug the three plugs of the 5 metre triple phono lead into the corresponding coloured sockets on the adapter.

Now run the triple phono lead to the other room and connect it to your TV with a second adapter.

Set the in-out switches and you now have true unmodulated video with stereo audio on the second TV whenerver you select "AV input" (refer to your TV User Instructions).

Alternatively, mute the TV sound and plug the phonos into a stereo amplifier instead.

You can use two or three triple phono leads for extra length by fitting our H11-8237 Triple Phono Coupler.

Triple phono lead coupler

H11-8237 Triple Phono Coupler


Some receivers such as this Pace Digibox have the VCR Scart socket directly above the TV Scart socket. The H24-8175 Scart to phono adapter leaves no room for another Scart lead above it.

To overcome this problem, extend the TV Scart connection with a male - female H24-2909 Scart extension lead.

Rear view of Digibox

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Problem with Digibox

Scart selection box. Select either one of two decoders for your satellite receiver. Or select Analogue or Digital satellite receiver or VCR or DVD etc. to go to your TV or Video. Or select ONdigital or Sky Digital.

H24-3645 2 way
H24-3646 4 way

Watch ONdigital, Sky Digital, Analogue satellite or Video on your TV

> Do the scart selection boxes you sell provide complete isolation
> between inputs, as I have had problems with audio/picture
>bleed through with some selectors (of the Argo's variety).
>Are all the pins connected and switched or just a selection?

>Thanks for your help


I can't *guarantee* complete isolation but I've had no complaints. Yes all the pins are connected so they work with RGB etc.

The usual reason for "bleed through" (the technical term is "cross talk", I believe) is that people use a fully-wired Scart cable. It's best to cut the unneeded wires in the Scart plug at the TV end. For example, pin 19 carries video *out* of the TV for no reason. All it does is to produce a picture ghost or bad lines on the picture. This is so, even for so-called "screened" leads. It's also wise to use a Scart lead that's no longer than actually needed - hence my reason for stocking 18" (0.5m) leads.

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