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Understanding sky satellite tv

Understanding Sky Digital TV

This FREE 40 page book is available for download in the form of a ".pdf" file which you can then read on screen or print out . Everything you need to know about Sky Digital.

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Understanding Sky Digital TV (about 405k file size)



Thank you, Thank you.

That 7 quid I spent yesterday on the Installing Sky Digital manual is probably going to save my father at least £100 when they take the new sky digital system to France in March.

Friends paid the local satellite fitters in France, the equivalent of £100 each to get their systems aligned (not fitted!). Reading the manual last night I have already learned so much, details that will make purchasing the kit here in Wales a lot easier, and will head off problems in France - Cable speccing, alignment with minimal kit, little fitting tips. Wow! Well worth seven quid!

Fitting the satellite won't be a problem; the previous owner left the TV aerial on the roof, along with suitable brackets (checked against our Sky system here in Wales), therefore that side of it is sorted. Using your excellent manual will make the alignment and setup a lot easier than the alternative. The alternative being trial and error!

All the best, and well done on one of the best resources on the Net for Sky Digital stuff.


Books ( not free books)

Installing sky digital tv

Installing Sky Digital TV

Companion book to the above "Understanding..". Essential reading if you want to move your old system to a new house, install a brand new Sky-Plus or standard system, fit a system to your house, motorhome, caravan or narrow boat or use it in Europe, this book answers your questions. What size dish, what sort of cable, connectors, which receiver is best for outside the UK ... 80 page book filled with colour photographs and easy-to-understand explanations.

I guarantee you'll be delighted with this amazing book full of information!

FREE BONUS BOOK!: UK Digital Satellite TV in Europe
When you download "Installing..."
Includes tips on receiving ITV in Europe.
satellite secrets revealed about analogue installation

Satellite Secrets - Installing Analogue

All about Analogue satellite TV installations. Although Sky analogue broadcasts ceased in September 2001, there are still lots of programmes broadcast in analogue. This book answers your questions. What sort of dish, cable, connectors, receivers. How to install. Tricks of the trade. Money-saving advice. ... 112 page book filled with colour photographs and easy-to-understand explanations.

Repairing sky digital digibox receivers

Repairing Sky Digital Receivers

Not just a repair book! In fact not even a repair book!

Common problems and cures listed - many of which you can fix yourself with only the remote control handset or a soldering iron. Plus lots of general repair information including how to recognise various components.

Written in simple terms, this book also gives the home user valuable advice on how to prevent failure.
Read it NOW and save money in the future.
But, if the worst happens, read it anyway because it will still save you money.

Beginner's guide to electronics circuit design components

Beginners Guide to Electronics

Easier to understand than anything you've read previously!

Martin has a knack of explaining technical subjects in simple language. Components covered include resistors, diodes, transistors and capacitors.

As an example, it describes in detail how to build a flashing LED circuit on perforated stripboard ("Veroboard") with a photograph of every stage.

This is NOT just another boring technical book full of mathematical equations. You'll like it! Ideal for everyone from the young student to the retired lady looking for a new hobby.

by Martin T. Pickering B.Eng.
The screwdriver expert's guide to satellite receiver repair

A Beginner's Guide to Receiver Repair

Based on the original "Screwdriver Expert's Guide to Satellite Receivers" this book describes the basic components and a typical power supply with diagrams and explanations. Shows how to solder and describes what to check and measure. It won't make you an expert but, if you are capable of soldering in components supplied as a kit, it will take you one step further so you understand why you are doing it and even help you figure out other possible fault causes and cures. If you buy a repair kit, you need this book.

I guarantee you'll be delighted with this amazing book full of information!
Piping tv around the house

Piping TV Around the House

How to connect your TV, video, satellite, DVD and send the signals to TVs in other rooms. An invaluable guide and reference that explains UHF channel utilisation without unnecessary technical terms. Includes sketches to show wiring methods.
Installing a motorised satellite dish system

Installing a Motorised Dish

Everything you need to know about installing a motorised satellite TV dish system for your analogue or digital satellite receiver. Written in plain English with no maths and a minimum of technical "jargon", this book will lead you by the hand. Includes dish angles, declination table etc.

DVD secrets

DVD Secrets

70 pages of information covering most popular models.
Details of simple modifications to play other region DVDs

Click HERE to see list of models covered by DVD secrets

Amstrad repair manual

Amstrad Repair manual 1

Repair information for the following Amstrad Models:-

  • SRX100
  • SRX200 + circuits
  • SRD400 + circuits
  • SRD500

Tells you which components usually fail, including typical fault symptoms.

Amstrad repair manuals

Amstrad Repair manual 2

Repair information for the following Amstrad Models:-

  • SRD510, 520, 550
  • SRD600, 650
  • Amstrad VS1000/1140
  • SR950/SRD700
  • SR950+/SRX301
  • and export models
  • SRX310/320/501

Tells you which components usually fail, including typical fault symptoms.

The photographer's book of smiles

The Photographer's Book of Smiles

John Everett shows his unique style of humour, in the form of poems and limericks.

This highly amusing book makes the Ideal gift for any photographer.

Limericks and poems - each with a hand-drawn illustration.

Written and illustrated by John Everett, professional writer and photographer.

Printed version available for £5.00

The CB radio eprom data book

The CB EPROM Data Book

Advanced frequency modification techniques by Martin Pickering B. Eng.

Eproms are often associated with modern microcomputer technology and thought to be equally as complex! However, far from making life complicated, Eproms are as easy to use as any other electronic component and can make simple work of an otherwise difficult circuit. Using simple language and a good selection of diagrams, this book explains how to make effective use of Eprom technology in modern CB radios.

By covering a previously unexplained topic, this book will prove to be an invaluable complement to the popular reference manual "The CB PLL DATA BOOK".

This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to convert a CB radio to work on the American "Novice" Band, or 10 meter Amateur Band. Of course, once you understand the basic principles, you can figure out how to get other bands, too!

Some of the topics covered are:-

  • Fundamentals of Eprom operation - internal storage, Hexadecimal, Conversion tables.
  • Choosing the right device - Outputs, Transistor inverter, Input voltage, Output voltage.
  • Practical examples - The Cobra 148 on 10 Meters, Cobra 146 GTL, President Adams, Ham International multi-modes, general purpose Eprom board.
  • Programming Eproms, erasing Eproms, pinouts of popular Eprom devices, Decimal to binary conversion, 'N'-code tables for popular CB radios.
  • Increasing the frequency range by "pulse subtraction" using ordinary logic chips - a complete example with circuit and explanation is given for 10 metre conversion.

Television servicing magazine

Each month Martin Pickering as "Jack Armstrong" wrote a monthly "Satellite Workshop" column for "Television Servicing" magazine.

We've compiled some of the original, unedited versions - that means they are longer and funnier than the published versions. They may contain errors or stories which have never appeared in print. They might also contain the odd note to the editor!

It is simply too good to give away for free. You'll find it in the "Satellite" section of "The Cool Book Shop".

Television magazine manual

Recently, Martin Pickering as "Jack Armstrong" has been writing a monthly "Jack's Workshop" column for "Television and Home Electronics Repair" magazine.

This is a compilation of the articles from early 2001 till September 2002.
(If more articles are added you will be entitled to free updates).

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