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NOTE: This analogue receiver is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.

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Ferguson SRD6

Low LNB voltage (around 3 - 6 volts)
Dide DK01 (on the 22kHz board in front of the RF modulator) had
overheated and desoldered itself. I guess the LNB cable had gotten a
short circuit.

No LNB voltage
Make sure that it's turned ON in the above installation menu!
If it is, look for a hairline crack from the left hand PCB fixing screw
Otherwise, try replacing surface mount transistor TP59 (BC848 NPN).

Picture intermittently scrambled when receiver hot.
Culprit was the PTV111 but do also replace the 1uF next to it just incase.

To reset PIN number
Turn off mains
Press & hold Standby
Turn on mains
Hold Standby for at least 6 seconds
Main "Satellite menu" will appear
Press [2] to select the line "child lock"
Enter new PIN.

To set LNB Local Oscillator:
Press Menu, 4, 9 (hold for 5 seconds),
1 (Re Enter Frequency --.---)
For a standard LNB enter 10000
For an Enhanced LNB enter 09750
For a Universal LNB enter 00000

22kHz tone function.
This can NOT be selected independently. It comes ON automatically for a
Universal LNB, only, if you set a channel frequency to 11.650 or higher.
Frequencies of 11.649 or lower turn the tone OFF. I repeat: it works ONLY
if you have entered "00.000" for L.O. AND you have set the channel
frequency higher than 11.649. In theory you can use a tone switch but in
practice it's a nightmare to set up each channel!

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(Sorry, we do not stock spares for this model)

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