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NOTE: This analogue receiver is obsolete. Most accessories and modifications mentioned on this page are no longer available.



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Houston 1002, Echostar SR90, Seemann, TS4200, Philips, STU1400, SatCure, BT, SVS300, decoder, scart, satellite, receiver

BT-SVS300 - Houston 1002 - Echostar SR90 - Seemann TS4200 satellite receiver repair FAQ

(Philips STU1400/13G has very similar Power Supply circuit).

If this looks like your power supply then this is your receiver FAQ.

Houston 1002, Echostar SR90, Seemann, TS4200, Philips, STU1400, SatCure, BT, SVS300, decoder, scart, satellite, receiver power supply

1. Why do the decoder messages disappear intermittently?
A kit of parts is available from SatCure - RELKIT17

2. Why is my receiver dead?
Overheating or mains surge. You may be able to fix it simply by replacing two capacitors on the power supply board (see picture). The 1uF (C810) next to the metal heatsink (fit 10uF) and the 220uF (C805) which you can see on the centre line of the board, to the right of the two blue disc capacitors.
You should always replace these two capacitors for reliability - preferably before the receiver dies!

If R802 is open circuit (2R2 fusible at right hand edge of PSU), order SATKIT17 from SatCure.
Otherwise, simply replace:
C805 220µF/25v/105°C
C810 1µF next to heatsink (fit l0µF/50v/105°C)

3. Where can I buy a remote control handset?

4. Where can I buy a Service Manual?

A complete fault-finding guide called "The Satellite Repair Manual V" is available..

A cooling fan kit is available from SatCure.

5. How do I connect a D2Mac decoder?

>Hi, could you please e-mail me with price of a scart lead to connect a
>Phillips CTU916 D2mac decoder to a BT SVS300 receiver. The instruction book
>says "mac baseband appears on pin 12 of the scart decoder" which is double
>dutch to the shops in cornwall.[ and to me ] Can you help please.

OK you have several problems here:

The CTU916 is a CABLE BOX not a normal D2Mac decoder and is not designed to be compatible with satellite receivers, although it will work with many of them as a D2Mac decoder.

I agree that page 21 gives pin 12 as MAC baseband output but the User Guide page 27 indicates Decoder scart pin 12 to be a "serial data in/out port". If true, connect anything to this and you risk damaging the internal circuits!

Pin 19 is given as "Baseband Video" but the deemphasis envelope is unspecified so I would assume it's PAL which is unlikely to work with a CTU916.

This is all very confusing so let's see what the service manual shows!

OK, the circuit diagram shows NO serial data connections at all so you should be safe there.

Decoder Scart outputs are:

Pin 10 Unclamped baseband
Pin 12 Baseband
Pin 19 Video

So pin 12 does look favourite.

Now a D2Mac decoder expects Baseband signal to arrive on wire number 19 so...
Unscrew the Scart plug thumb nut and remove the hinged cover.
Use a needle point to push the tiny retaining tag back on pin 19 in the Scart plug so you can pull tag 19 out of the back of the plug.
Do the same with tag 12 but cut it off its wire and discard it. Now push tag 19 into the hole vacated by tag 12 and make it secure by using the needle point again.
Replace the plastic cover and label this Scart plug "SVS300".

SVS300 inside view with decoder board removed

Houston 1002, Echostar SR90, Seemann, TS4200, Philips, STU1400, SatCure, BT, SVS300, decoder, scart, satellite, receiver

This information is given in good faith, based on several years of workshop experience involving thousands of repairs. No responsibility will be accepted for any death, damage or injury caused either directly or indirectly by the use of this information. The reader should check the facts himself. It is assumed and stressed that the reader will be familiar with good, safe, electronic workshop practice and will be familiar with all tools, components and terms used. If there is any doubt about the reader's ability to carry out such work competently and safely, the work should be referred to a specialist engineer.


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