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I am lucky enough to be emigrating to Australia in the new year and have a Panasonic TX-32PL1 TV, I have heard of some guy in surrey that changes the tuner within the TV that converts certain Panasonic TV's to enable it to receive a PAL B/G, as well as PAL I, to make it work in Australia. However he charges £200. I was wondering do you know of such a modification that I can do myself? I look forward to hearing your suggestions


Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about TV sets.

But what I do know about electronics suggests that £200 is rather cheap for such a complex modification.

However, if you want to save money, why not sell or trash your TV set and buy one when you arrive? If you take it out there, you are unlikely to find anyone who can fix it when it fails. Spare parts tend to be country-specific.


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