Which Receiver Shall I Buy?

>Which in your opinion is the best avaidable Digital receiver,The Dreambox or
>the Nokia 9600s and why.?
>I'm thinking of buying one and I'm not sure which one I should get.
>Any ideas or opinion you might have would be most helpful.

>Yours sincerely.


Dear Tony,

Which, in your opinion, is the best available car and why?
The Ford Sierra Cosworth or the Porsche Carrera?

>I'm sorry that I cannot advise you on the type of car you should buy,as I
>know nothing about cars.
>The reason I asked your advice on the digital receivers is because you are
>considered to be an expert on satellite receivers. I've been to the Galaxis
>site ,but that particular receiver is too restrictive.
>Yours sincerely.

Dear Tony, likewise I know nothing about digital satellite receivers. As a receiver repair specialist, I do not see any receiver before it is at least three months out of warranty.

In addition, as a repair specialist, I see only receivers which are faulty. So, if somebody makes an ultra-reliable receiver or one which sells in very small quantities (eg. Chaparral), I may never see it at all. So all I can discuss are the most common or the most unreliable receivers and, bearing in mind that I specialise in Pace and Amstrad. You can decide for yourself if they are "most common" or "most unreliable". (It's a bit of both, actually).

However, I understand your problem entirely. If you ask a salesman which is the best receiver, he will tell you about the one which gets him the largest commission. If you ask a repairer, he will either be honest like me (unlikely) or he will tell you about the ones he repairs or about the latest model subsidised by (eg.) Sky.

This is why so many unfortunates end up buying "Windows" computers because they make big bucks for

1. The salesmen
2. The after-sales support team
3. The accessories manufacturers (because you always need extra memory/sound card/video card or whatever).

They won't tell you about problems with Pentium chips or the drawbacks of MMX technology and, especially, will quickly change the subject if you mention "the year 2000 problem".

That's why I asked all my friends and then bought five Apple Macintosh computers!

I would prefer the speed, reliability and ease of use of a Rolls Royce to the speed, noise, unreliability and unfriendliness of a mini with add-on turbocharger, straight-cut gearbox, brake servo and optional MMX parachute (because the brakes are still not good enough). The purchase price and performance look similar but the end cost of the Rolls Royce (Macintosh) is actually lower than the souped-up mini (Windoze PC) which is unreliable, needs additional bolt-on goodies and constant attention throughout its (often short) lifespan.

So my suggestion is that you ask the USERS of digital receivers and take what even they say with a pinch of salt because *nobody* likes to admit that he bought the wrong car, computer or satellite receiver!

Finally, the reason I introduced the question of cars in my orginal reply is this:

Nobody can tell you what you like. Everybody has certain preferences in (for example) colour, engine size, economy etc. and precisely the same sort of comment applies to satellite receivers. If you are a "boy racer" (channel hopper) you will prefer certain features that a "cruiser" (dedicated movie watcher) would hate. In addition, Sky and others are busily agreeing new standards for digital receivers. Anything you buy now could be totally useless for Sky channels or Internet Access in the future. Of course *nothing* is future-proof and you can't let this fact put you off buying something that you like right now but bear in mind that whatever you buy is going to be obsolete sooner than you expect.

By the way, the Galaxis may seem "too restrictive" but (looking at the spec.) how many other digital receivers allow you to connect an analogue receiver *through* them so you need just one LNB ?

Hope you find my comments useful. Why not set up a discussion in the alt.satellite.tv.europe News Group and get the opinions of users?

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