Why should I buy a kit from YOU ?

This is the most commonly asked question of all, although most people will not ask me directly but simply hint at the question by asking me for a list of parts or specifications which we will not give. The chances are that your knowledge of components is not as good as mine; consequently you are likely to chose components which, for various reasons, will be unsafe to use in your receiver. Can you (for example) identify just by looking:

  • A high voltage resistor?
  • A fusible resistor?
  • A low leakage electrolytic?
  • A low ESR electrolytic?
  • An Ultra-low ESR electrolytic?
  • A non-polarised electrolytic?
  • A metallised polyester capacitor?
  • A multilayer ceramic capacitor?

Here are my answers in no particular order:

  • Replacing just ONE component will cause the unit to fail again, doing even more damage.
  • My kits contain the safety-approved parts, uprated and improved wherever possible.
  • We buy in large quantities so buying a kit is cheaper than buying individual parts elsewhere.
  • We supply instructions with each kit and we offer free advice by email.
  • Some of my design kits are sold by other companies but mine are always up to date:
    (As new faults appear, I add the parts to my kit)
  • I'd like to make just a little profit from all this hard work!

So, if you send me an enquiry and my answer is "don't bother to trace the individual component - just fit my kit" I am NOT simply being mercenary. I am saving you time, money and hassle. Chances are that I am very familiar with the symptoms you described and I know that several components are degraded and the chances of tracing those particular ones are very slim. Much better to replace ALL the parts which I know are likely to fail. Trust me - I have YOUR best interests at heart.

DO NOT REPLACE THE INTERNAL FUSE! It is there to protect YOU and the receiver. If you replace it you can make the damage worse and put yourself at risk!


Aha - a tiny break in the track to the top leg of Q2 is now
repaired and the receiver is working perfectly.

Your service has been superb, your help most invaluable, and your speed in replying astounding. I wish you much deserved success with the future of your business.

Very best regards

Chris Dewey

Editor, Dark Star Official Mike Oldfield Magazine



Dear Martin,

Very impressed with the "Relkit" and the "Satkit". My Pace PRD800 is operating like a new receiver and the picture and sound quality are on par with units costing twice as much.

Many Thanks.

Tommy O'Connor



May I say "thank you" for your response to my problem and for sending me the necessary parts so quickly. What an excellent service that was.

The receiver is now working fine. Just for the record I have been using your "Satellite Repair Manual" edition 3 and now edition 4 for quite some time. Looking forward to edition 5.

>It's now available:
>THE Professional SCREWRIVER EXPERT'S GUIDE to satellite receivers Repairs & Modifications


Ron Brock
Pro-Sat Sysems

Dear Martin,

Many thanks for your excellent service - the parts arrived incredibly quickly and, although I'm by no means an experienced repairer, I now have a working receiver again.

I don't know if it's worth considering in your range but I'd have bought a desoldering kit, had you sold one, as I ended up using a desoldering pump which, as you predicted, damaged the soldering pads.
(Solder Kit now available for just 0.95p !!)

My receiver is now working before my local repair shop even thought they would give me an estimate so I'm extremely happy.

Many thanks & best of luck for your business,


Chris Dewey (again!)

Dear Martin,

Many thanks for the quick response to my last order. I fitted the RELKIT to my Toshiba TS540 and it cured a small problem that I have had for a while.

Also my PRD is now fully functional and my Churchill D2Mac is working great. Your diagnosis was spot-on for both machines and the instructions that come with the kits are great. I like the fact that they tell you what the component you are fitting does and what fault it is fixing.

Alan Chisnal, Prescot, Merseyside.

P.s. the Satellite Repair Manual is not just informative but one great read! Very interesting and well written. WELL DONE!

Dear Martin,

May I say 'Thank You' for your response to my problem and for sending the necessary parts so quickly. What an excellent service that was! The receiver is now working fine.

Ron Brock, Pro-Sat Systems.

Dear Martin,

The RELKIT 10 did the job. No more patterning or "motor error" on the MSS500-IP since I fitted the kit. Well worth the price and probably one third the cost of a local engineer.

Gary Davies, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for the RELKIT 9. Fitting the kit solved my problem, saving lots of time on fault-finding and catalogue-searching. Well done for providing a valuable service!

Malcolm Baldwin (Electronics), Middlesex.

Dear Mr Pickering,

Thank you for your prompt delivery of The Book. It's marvellous! Here's my cheque.

F. Dove, Kilburn.

Hi Martin,

The kit worked like a dream on my dead MRD950+.
Thanks for trusting me on the payment.

Jan Hanson, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dear Martin,

Many thanks for your excellent service. The parts arrived before I expected. Sorry about the misspelt e-mail address. You guessed correctly in adding a "t" to "sofnet".

As agreed, I am returning the tuner kit unused because fitting the tantalum capacitor in RELKIT 2 cured the fault.

G.R. Fox, Birmingham.

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