Now that Sky Digital is here, is it worth repairing my old analogue receiver?

If you have a Pace MSS1000 or an Amstrad SRD2000 then the answer is YES.

These two receivers have a built-in Dolby Prologic surround sound amplifier which you can connect to your Sky Digital audio outputs.

If you have a receiver with built-in dish positioner then the answer might be yes.

Most analogue receivers can be repaired for about £12 (DIY kit). Occasionally it costs more if you want to improve the reliability as well. However, these old analogue receivers are useful only for foreign programmes and the remaining few (very few) English programmes. Most broadcasts are now in digital format.

The Sky digital package does NOT include many of the foreign programmes so you will miss those naughty German channels with semi-naked ladies. It does not include any D2Mac channels. It does not include the full Eurosport channel.

It requires you to have a telephone connection (if you want the discount) which means that Sky can send a signal via your dish to tell your Digibox to phone them. It might give them information about your watching habits etc.

The Sky Digibox does not work satisfactorily with a motorised system. Oh, it can be bodged but the symbol rate is so limited that you won't receive as many additional channels as you would with a proper "Free To Air" digital box.

You might like to consider UK Terrestrial digital which is broadcasting terrestrial TV channels and some Sky channels direct to your TV aerial. You will get up to 24 free channels this way with no extra dish.

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