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SatCure Tools & Meters


30 Watt 230 volt soldering iron A380-00106

Low cost iron suitable for the hobbyist and for small domestic or electrical soldering tasks. Spare bits not available so consider this a cheap throw-away item, although it will probably last for years if you use it only for the occasional repair. I recommend you make a stand using a block of wood and a wire coat hanger. Much cheaper than buying one!


3.5 digit Multimeter IN00803

DC voltage 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 600V
AC voltage 200V, 600V
DC current 200uA, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 10A
Resistance 200R, 2k, 20k, 200k, 2M
Transistor/Diode test range



See Full specification

The "Genie" ESR & Low Ohms Meter

Kit Price £49.95.
Fully built and calibrated £59.95 (includes test probe leads).

Genie-Plus includes an audible bleep to indicate ESR less than 0.1 Ohm, a High brightness display and test probe leads £67.45

Low cost meter!

H28-8235d DIGITAL + analogue version, with 22kHz Hi/Lo band switch, suitable for Sky Digital, FTA digital, motorised and everything else. (Moving needle display)
Trying to align your dish accurately on that satellite 23,000 miles away? You need this Satellite Finder. Powered from the receiver - or external battery. Lights up meter display (which also shows that receiver is sending current to the LNB). Sensitivity adjustment.

H28-8235a Analogue Satellite signal meter
Audible tone. Low price!

390-6361 Mini Vice with 60mm jaw opening. This is a lightweight, hollow diecasting.
OK, it's "cheap and cheerful" but it's great for holding things steady and you can clamp it to the kitchen table - remove it when you are finished. Well, what do you expect for just

TL01332 alternative code

AR71363 Tiny Vice
A tiny plastic vice which has a lever-action suction base to clamp it firmly to any smooth surface. Ideal for holding fishing flies and other small items while you work on them.

Sorry, no longer available from original supplier!

390-1106 rounded-end tweezers are serrated to give a good grip. low cost!
Stainless steel (antiacid and non-magnetic).
Fairly robust for those heavier jobs, picking up larger objects, plucking eyebrows from a distance...
can even be used left-handed!

390-6930 needle-point tweezers.
Stainless steel (antiacid and non-magnetic).
Ideal for picking up tiny objects used in jewellery making, dolls' house construction and other hobby work. Also handy for picking fleas out of the cat's fur but no use at all for plucking eyebrows.

390-5722 Craft Knife. Disposable knife - pack of three

Micro cutters A450-00034
For cropping component wires and copper wire used in electrical circuits. (Not suitable for steel wire). Appearance may vary. Approx. 5" (170mm) in length.

Mini side cutters A450-00556
For cropping component wires and copper wire used in electrical circuits.
Approx. 4.25" (110mm) in length.

Helping Hands TL00162

Ball-jointed crocodile clips on a stand with magnifying lens. Use it to hold small objects while you work on them.

Regulated DC power supply 1.5 Amp
Switch-selectable output voltages
3v,4.5v, 6v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v

Ideal for powering your electronic projects, mini-drill etc.


Soldering iron tips for very early irons manufactured by PACE in the USA.

Now obsolete.

Pack of 10 for £5

Order PLATO-TIP pack 20-0111

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