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SatCure Hobby Index

Order Form All Hobby items are listed here

Apple Macintosh Index Macintosh Computer accessories

Electronic Kits descriptions and pictures of "fun" things to build

Hobby Spares components and kits to build (list)

Electronic Design tutorial and information for hobbyists and professionals

Tools and Meters descriptions and pictures

Hobby Hardware, Screws and bolts descriptions and pictures

Bargains - Electronic parts etc. mostly surplus

Simple Crystal Set Radio design

Photography camera battery and book

Hobby Accessories including Dolls' House, Model Railway

Audio Accessories Audiophile section

Identifying Surface Mount Devices very useful!

Clay Pipes - How they were made then and now - buy a souvenir pipe!

CB Radio index - lots of information and a free book!

Handmade Walking Sticks

SatCure Hobby Electronics Links Page

Bright Ideas

External link to: ApogeeKits

Home of high quality electronic kits - clock kits - digital clocks - animated bell LED displays - free download plans and more.

Highly recommended!

Bright Ideas

Currency Exchange Rates Currency exchange table creator

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