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What is at this web site?


There are more than
200 information files and some books at this web site and it is still growing! Here is a list of the files.

Simply click on any file name shown below in alphabetical order.
Note that the Sky Digibox files have been transferred to my other web site. The copies that remain here are no longer kept up to date.

(I seldom delete a file. Once it's registered with the search engines I would be crazy to allow you to click on the link and get "Error 404 file not found" wouldn't I ? Mind you, judging from the number of times it happens to me, there must be a lot of crazy people out there! Anyway, I leave old files and add a redirection to take visitors to the replacement page. I hope you agree that this is the friendly thing to do.)

PLEASE report any errors to me. It's such a massive site that I do lose track of links.

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That's just 230 of the file names. Some of them lead to other files which I have not listed here. In addition, you can link to other satellite and electronics web sites from here!

You should first read the Frequently Asked Questions files before reading the help page.

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  • Last revised on August 15, 2012